Student Testimonial of MindGym’s LET Review


Testimonial from Ericka Villafuerte (Top 4, Secondary Level, LET October 2009)

I took the exam last October 2009 and enrolling in MindGym was definitely the best decision I made in preparation for the LET.

The coaching was very thorough, and given that the class was limited to only a few people, we were able to set our own pace for the review. The MindGym coaches were very approachable and took the time to make sure that none of the reviewees were left behind. It also helped that we were free to ask questions or have something repeated for clarification.

Also, the environment was very conducive for learning and not very constricting (as I’ve heard that other review centers fill auditoriums with reviewees to the point that those in the back cannot even hear the lecturers, nor are all the questions entertained).

The drills were very helpful too as it trained us to work under pressure. It also allowed us to keep track of topics we were having difficulty with.

 I can honestly say that I would not have been able to pass (and thankfully, top) the LET if not for MindGym!

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