Daily Work Out for LET: Subject-Verb Agreement

For September 2010 LET takers and other readers,  see how well you remembered your rules on subject-verb agreement with these exercises. Simply choose the correct verb.

1.  Everyone (has, have) done his/her homework.

2.  Many a child (dream, dreams) about becoming famous one day.

3.  Some of the water in the jug (is/are) gone.

4.  A number of people (grow, grows) tomatoes in their backyard.

5.  None of the students (has, have) done their Set B drills in Math.

6.  The number of flood relief volunteers (increase, increases) each day.

7.  There (is, are) two main reasons why they broke off.

8.  Aleli (is, are) one of those who (enjoy, enjoys) reading comic books.

9.  My glasses (was, were) on the bed.

10.  The pair of scissors (is, are) on the table.

11.  Our thanks (go, goes) to the MindGym coaches who unselfishli helped us review.

12.  Mumps (is, are) a contagious disease.

13.  Four and four (is, are) eight.

14.  The jury members (has, have) been arguing for three days.

15.  Thirty per cent of the students (is, are) in favor of attending classes at night.

16.  How (is, are) the neighbors taking the disturbing news?

17.  The teacher, together with her students, (has, have) prevented the fire from spreading throughout the building.

18.  Neither the actors nor the director (is, are) coming on time for taping.

19.  Some of the books (was, were) scattered on the floor when we arrived.

20.  Both (do, does) a good deal of work around the office.


Here are the answers to the drills last 3 July:

1.  C

2.  D

3.  A

4.  D

5.  A

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3 Responses to Daily Work Out for LET: Subject-Verb Agreement

  1. Bebelyn Bacay Callora 2011/08/01 at 2:44 pm #

    hi po, pwede more pa po..please.thnx.

  2. christine dionio 2011/08/24 at 9:51 pm #

    this is really a big help… thank you so much…


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