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LET Review Workout in Math (3)

For Math majors, this should be easy.  Glenn compiled these for you. 1.  How many ways can you rearrange the letters of the word wizards if the consonants should be arranged alphabetically but not necessarily together? 2.  If sin x = 3/5 and x is in Q2, find the value of sin 3x 3.  What […]

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September 2010 PRC LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers) Room Assignments

September 2020 LET room assignments

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Go to the Dentist and Top the LET

by JedCee September 3, 2010 It is barely three weeks before the Philippine Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), yet I am still far from attaining 80% mastery of the teacher education courses. I’ve learned several mistakes. I should have done certain actions that efficiently bring out success in the actual board exam. I learned that […]

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