Go to the Dentist and Top the LET

by JedCee
September 3, 2010

It is barely three weeks before the Philippine Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), yet I am still far from attaining 80% mastery of the teacher education courses. I’ve learned several mistakes. I should have done certain actions that efficiently bring out success in the actual board exam.

I learned that a goal’s success is a matter of personal discipline and is largely determined by how you answer the following questions:

What exactly do you want?

Why do you want it?

How do you get what you want?

What do you need to get what you want?

After you answer these questions, it’s gonna be easier for you to start your preparation. While I was trying to get ready for the LET, I realized that there are things we do that help very little in achieving our goals. I am going to share with you some of these insights. You might have experienced or might be experiencing the same predicaments so it’ll be helpful if you read throughout.

Prepare early

Start reviewing immediately after you decide to top the LET. While still in college, some of us dream of becoming a licensure exam topnotcher yet, most of us start preparing only a month or two before the actual exam. Manny Pacquiao spent so much time training before a boxing match. He did not allow other issues to distract his attention from his preparation. Pacman’s physical discipline is no different from the mental discipline we need to top the LET. Discipline teaches us to become bold and resolute when it comes to our decisions..

Allocate your time and follow through

Successful projects go through a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis.. When we review for LET, we have to sacrifice some time and resources.We cannot spend all our resources in one activity without giving up another. So allocate your time. Write down your plan. By this, I don’t mean that you allot allof your time reviewing. You’ll get bored. You’ll become restlesss. Can you afford to sacrifice your happiness with the pride of being a LET topnotcher? Yes, you can still hang out with your friends, watch movies, play video games but study as planned. One topic a day means 30 topics a month or 60 after two months.

Get relevant review materials or choose a high performing LET review center

Do not spend so much time browsing the net for LET materials. You may try the eduphil forum or check Jaylord Losabia’s blog for good printable and downloadable LET drills. Most sites have bugs and unfriendly processes. Chances are you get to pay an internet café for 12 hours, which is almost the cost of a commercial LET review book. I realized that the most relevant materials though are those that come from old PRC LETs. If you have funds for a full blown LET review which runs for around 16 full days, go for a LET review center which has a high passing rate or better yet, a roster of LET topnotchers.

Take more drills and less readings or lectures

If a multiple choice test is constructed to measure higher-order thinking skills, an item would ask you to comprehend a stem (or question) then analyze the options given to arrive at the best answer. For a clever test-taker, this would mean preparing with more pratice tests rather than readings and lectures. The LET is most likely a test of how you correctly answer a multiple choice test. Analyzing an item matters more than remembering what you read or what you heard from lectures. Unfortunately, many of us do our review by reading whole chapters of textbooks.

Surround yourself with LET passers and topnotchers

They can give the right advice, particularly in terms of the pertinence of your materials and the effectiveness of your study habits. They can even tell you some incongruities between the table of specifications and the actual exam. Trust them; they experienced LET themselves. They can also coach well because they—specifically the topnotchers—have mastered the science of picking the key out of several distracters.

Go to the dentist

Huh? What’s the connection between taking the LET and going to the dentist? Imagine taking a major exam while a cavity, gum disease, or cracked tooth freaks you out. See? What I am speaking here is about the minor irritations that might affect your performance in the actual exam—the small stuff that make you sweat so much. Remember that major major thing that might have blocked Venus Raj’s thinking when asked the question of her life? So, go to the dentist; have enough sleep; know the location of the testing site; bring food, water and an extra pen; and make sure you are sound, worry-free and, relaxed before you take the LET.

Any other suggestions on how to top the LET? Share them with us in the comments!

JedCee took the LET on September 26, 2010 and with God’s help made it to the  Top 7 rank.  He wrote this piece of advice for LET takers with a prod from MindGym before he took the LET.  MindGym Philippines takes pride in being part of JedCee’s journey to LET success.  Kudos to JedCee!

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8 Responses to Go to the Dentist and Top the LET

  1. Junnie S 2010/09/12 at 12:33 am #

    Hi Topnotcher Jedcee! It’s me Junnie, I hope you still remember me.

    • MindGym 2010/09/18 at 3:50 am #

      @ junnie s: we forwarded your “Hi” to JedCee.

  2. Glenn Ibañez Gilongos 2010/09/15 at 12:55 pm #

    Daily workouts

    Gen Ed Math by Mr. Glenn I. Gilongos

    1.) What is the smallest number that should be multiplied to 54 to make it a perfect cube number?

    2.) There are 50 pigs and chickens in our farm. If I count the number of feet, there are 184. How many pigs are there?

    3.) In a box, there are 4 red balls and 3 white balls
    If I pick up 3 balls, what is the probability that 2 of them are red?

    4.)Find the midpoint of the line segment whose endpoints are (-4,10 and (6, -6)

    5.) The width of a square is increased by 20% and its length is decresed by 20%. By how many percent is the change in its area?

    Answers will be posted tomorrow:

  3. Glenn Ibañez Gilongos 2010/09/15 at 1:00 pm #

    5 items: Math reviewer for LET Math Majors

    1.) What is the probability of 3 boys in a family of 5 children?

    2.) Factor: x^4 + 4

    3.) Find the range: f(x) = (2x – 5) / (7 – 3x)

    4.) Find the perimeter of a 30-60-90 triangle if the hypotenuse is 10cm

    5.)Give the 2 smallest perfect numbers


    1.) 5/16
    2.) (x^2 + 2 + 2x)(x^2 + 2 – 2x)
    3.) y is not equal to -2/3
    4.) 15 + 5sqrt3 cm
    5.) 6 and 28

  4. jl 2010/10/09 at 7:40 pm #

    Hi there…thanks for mentioning my blog…more power and God bless…

    • MindGym 2010/10/10 at 8:05 pm #

      You are welcome Jaylord! And, in the future, if you have learning or teaching related articles you may want to share with our students and teachers, just send us a copy and we’d post it here with due credits to you as a guest writer. More power to you as a teacher:)

  5. MindGym 2011/01/17 at 1:27 pm #

    @JedCee: requests accomplished. Thanks for having MindGym’s link on your page. We are so proud of you:)


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