Not Too Anxious with April 2011 LET Results Coming Out Soon

Many professional teachers-to-be who took the April 2011 LET are definitely iffy about the results of their exams.  Thoughts like:  “I haven’t tried hard enough” or “I haven’t really been good at analyzing the items” or “It wasn’t my lucky day; I can try again” or “The TOS wasn’t followed by those crazy test developers” — prevail for the majority of test takers.

But, for many MindGym Philippines’ LET reviewees this batch, the dominant feeling is one of positive anticipation and bright hopes and their many Facebook posts attest to this.  They’ve  worked hard to review, prayed ardently for Divine intervention, and did their best during the LET.  This time, they’ve all moved on with their lives.  With perceived feelings of success and awareness of continuous support from coaches, most MindGym reviewees have managed post test anxieties experienced by many others who reviewed on their own or who felt deficient in their LET preparation.

MindGym LETers, keep praying.  We’ll see you at your victory party soon.  (The first and second weekends of May are usually the release dates of the LET results and that’s just a few days from now).

Meantime, if you have thoughts to share and insights on your LET experience, please share them with us.  It’s a way of letting go of your post LET worries as your MindGym mo/am did years back.

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2 Responses to Not Too Anxious with April 2011 LET Results Coming Out Soon

  1. JOSE 2011/04/30 at 9:18 am #

    am so glad to have finally passed the LET for the third time! the DIVINE INTERVENTI0N was with me! to the LET-Takers who t0ok d exam last APRIL 3, u did great! just d0n’t lo0se hope!

    • MindGym 2011/05/18 at 4:46 pm #

      @Jose: Congratulations