MindGym LET Review: Online Finds in Educational Psychology

by Melane Manalo

Are you at the intimacy v. isolation stage yet? Have you been functioning well at the stage of formal operations or are you still needing to build up on concrete operations? Can’t tell or are wondering what these are?

It’s 82 days to go before the September 25 LET! We’ve found great online references for the confused, the cramming, the conscientious LET examinee (and any other education student) wanting to brush up on educational pscyhology..

Slavin and Woolfolk’s books are popular guides on theories on human development, learning, memory and effective teaching. If you have enough resources, you may want to buy Robert Slavin’s Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice and Anita Woolfolk’s Educational Psychology — for your personal library. But, if you want to save money (and save trees, as well), the following sites are excellent online sources:

Slavin’s site contains topic summaries and self-assessment tabs, multiple-choice items, and essay-type of assessment aids. In his site, you can find teaching strategies and lesson plans for specific topics.

Meanwhile, see Woolfolk’s for mastery: answer the practice tests (in multiple-choice type), flip the flashcards of concepts and definitions and complete crossword puzzles, all organized by topic.

To the LET examinee, note that Professional Education accounts for 40 percent of your LET score. This means, it it definitely wouldn’t hurt being (over)prepared!


Melane Manalo is an alumni of MindGym Philippines. She ranked Top 3, Secondary Education (major in Social Studies) in the April 2010 LET. She is a graduate of Public Administration from the University of the Philippines currently completing her graduate requirements in Philippine Studies. She is part of MindGym’s team of coaches for its Intensive Coaching for the LET.

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    share the another types of test questions

    • Amey 2013/08/26 at 10:53 am #

      tO: Errrsure na po tlga yan feb 19? kung ksama man ako sa 35% this would the most wonderful and gresetat gift na maREreceive ko on my birthday.. Papa God, i know that u can see us, how much we really want to pass this exam. i know we already have that wonderful blessings, just waiting for the confirmation. thank so much Papa God from the bottom of mY heart. I LOVE YOU PAPA GOD..