After room assignments, it’s time for final tips from Jean Millare, LET topnotcher

It’s been a year since MindGym Philippines alumni Jean Millare took the Licensure examinations and made it as Top 1 in her batch.

Though very busy doing her dream job of “teaching teachers” in the University of Southern Mindanao, Jean took time to share these final tips for LET takers this September 2011.

“Hi.  It’s a week away and I hope you’re doing well on your review.  I wrote some tips for the April 2011 batch, which I’m sharing to you below:

  • Take time analyzing the test questions. Make sure the option you choose answers the question. Meron kasing ibang statements na totoo naman, but they do not necessarily answer the questions.
  • Make sure you have the right understanding of terms. Take note of keywords. Be wary of choices with extreme words such as always, never, only…
  • Double check the letters you shade – make sure you really shade your choice option. Ako dati sinulat ko muna sa questionnaire yung answers ko and every 5 or so items, I shade.
  • Take your time if you have the luxury to. Be patient and not give up so easily at each item. Every question is important. Ako sinagad ko talaga yung time. I was not even halfway done yet when some test takers started giving back their answer sheets already. Nung time na my proctor had to tell me to submit my paper. I did not mind. I wanted to make the most of my time.
  • Other tips from a friend [Benedict Barayuga] who topped the April 2009 LET:  “develop being “test-wise” or “test-clever”; you don’t have to know everything; use common sense to get through to the best answer; do elimination; look for cues or hints; connect each option to other clearer concepts in your mind; do language / word analysis; unlock the meaning of words / terminologies. Sleep well just before the exam day; avoid carbohydrate-rich food because glucose tends to make you sleepy; take nuts or protein-rich food. Be in the moment — walk around the testing site — just relax and see the humor in the experience!”
  • Trust God and focus on thoughts that are beautiful and true.

Hope you have a very meaningful and extraordinarily great experience on Sunday ;o)”

With these tips from two LET Top 1 (April 2009 and September 2010), how can you miss making it to the TOP and succeeding in the September 2011 LET?

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