LET Review Math Workout (5 items)

Here are some extra Math drills to work on from LET Top 1  in Math, 2005, Glenn Gilongos. Remember to work on these as quickly but as accurately as possible.  Use the calculator you intend to bring on LET day to do the calculations and save time.

1. What is 0.23636363636… in fraction in lowest term?

2. What is the missing term in the series? 2, 12, 30, 56, ___

3. A bag’s price was increased by 20%. By what % discount must be given to return the price to its original value?

4. How many liters of pure acetic acid must be mixed with 20 liters of a 30% acid solution to get a 40% solution?

5.  Two cars start two places 1885 km apart and travel toward each other on a super highway. The speed of the two cars are 45 kph and 35 kph, respectively. The faster car has already travelling for 1 hr before the slower car started running. In how many hours will they meet?

If interested in more LET practice, check the links below:

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And here are the answers to the above drills in Math.  Got them correctly?

1. 13/55

2. 90

3. 16 2/3 %

4. 10/3 L or 3 1/3 L

5. 23 hrs

If you got a perfect score, Congratulations; else, more practice.  There’s still time left.

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