First Things First to a Better Memory

by Coach Albert

Every memory technique starts with “attention” and “observation”.

Surely, you know what these two words mean.  But do you know that these two words are the first two (or the most important) things you need to have a phenomenal memory.  If you focus your attention on things that matter, they will never slip away from your thoughts. If you observe powerfully, you can make things stick forever.

But first things first. Let ask you a question:

Would you mind improving your memory?

On my way to the center and craving for Caramel Macchiato yesterday, I stopped by Starbucks at the ground floor of Araneta Colisuem, Cubao. What caught my attention: several coffee drinkers with thick books, perhaps medical students reviewing for their exams.  Certainly, all of them shared one wish: to remember everything before the effect of caffeine runs out!

I wanted to ask one of the students if she wouldn’t mind my pulling a chair by her side and sharing memory tips to help her remember important terms that heavily-highlighted page she’s had been staring at until I received my Macchiato. She would have loved memory tips which I myself used to excel in my classes and exams.  I thought about giving her the easiest basic memory tips but before I was able to make my first move.. She was already dozing.

I never thought that studying can have such quick and strong drowse effect despite a 175-mg caffeine in a grande coffee cup!

Next time, I’d make sure to mind my timing.

Tired with too much information to remember?

With proper training on focusing attention and observing powerfully, there is no limit to what one can remember – minus the fatigue and waste of time.

Even inside the busiest and noisiest cafeteria or study hall, distractions won’t matter provided one combines attention and observation: focusing on the study material at hand, heedless of the people and things around you.

Samuel Johnson, an English poet said, “Memory is the art of attention” and I have personally proven this to be true.

You cannot remember something which you do not pay attention to.  Unfortunately, most learners ride in what I call the “roller coaster of attention”. That is, they start with very high interests which gradually wane, until they suddenly lose attention and fatigue sets in.  As a result, they remember only the first few things they studied and forget everything else as they go down the loop

With my long time beneficial use of proven memory techniques, I was freed from up- and downswings in learning.  My attention has always been at its peak and the pleasure I get from learning has remained to this date, giving me an unfair advantage over my classmates through my doctorates.

How do you recall?

Effective recall is the result of focused attention combined with and powerful observation.

Didn’t you notice that you tended to remember things you deliberately paid attention to?  In class, when you failed to pay attention to your teacher since you spent time talking with a pal, tinkering with your new watch, or day dreaming about a weekend gimmick — are you able to remember and apply the lessons taught and get high exam scores?  I bet not.

Next time you get a chance to listen to a speaker, a teacher, or a preacher, notice how dramatically your memory power (and comprehension) improves just by paying attention.

Care for memory improvement to-dos?

First thing to do: Doubleshot attention and observation (and lessen caffeine intake so you’ll not fall asleep while studying.

Listen carefully.  Look for details.  Focus on things that matter.  Ask questions.  Search for meaning.  Review things in your mind.

Do these things consciously, repeatedly, and habitually.

Stay tuned for more memory tips.  Next post: experience the magic of “Association“.

And if you need any help with memorization and studying, let me be your memory coach!

Coach Albert is a Professional Teacher.  He conducts workshops on Memory Advantage for a) students – to remember and recall lessons effectively and at less time and thus, get better exam scores and b) professionals, businessmen, and seniors – to apply practical memory tips to unleash their memory powers for success in their careers, businesses, and daily living.  Memory Advantage Workshops (MAW) are conducted at MindGym Philippines in groups or individual one-on-one special sessions.

About Coach Albert

Albert is a coach and associate education director at MindGym. He graduated cum laude in his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and diploma in Professional Education, both from the University of the Philippines.

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5 Responses to First Things First to a Better Memory

  1. samuel tutor buladaco 2011/10/12 at 8:23 pm #

    how much would it cost to conduct memory training to high school classes to which i work with…
    pleased to hear of you then….

    • MindGym 2011/10/13 at 1:01 pm #

      Hi Sam! We are conducting a special class this October at MindGym in Project 4. Where would your students want to take the memory training? You may call 437-5880. Thanks and see you soon.

      By the way, file your LET application now for the March 11, 2012 LET.

  2. gem 2011/10/25 at 4:21 pm #

    hello…i just want to ask if pwede pa mag enroll for review for exam this coming March 2012 in your center? im from pasig city…how do i get there in your office? thanks and more power….

    • MindGym 2011/10/25 at 8:00 pm #

      Yes Gem, our review will start soon. Please call us at 437-58-80 to reserve a slot. Our center is at Project 4, Quezon City, near Cubao. More details here:

      See you soon! 🙂

    • MindGym 2011/10/25 at 10:22 pm #

      @gem: Yes, enroll now while there are slots available. From Pasig, you may go to Farmer’s market and then take the 20th avenue-cubao jeep with terminal at the Telus Building at P. Tuazon. See you soon.