Go Heavy in Muscles and Memory

Last Saturday, I attended the 4th BodyBuilding and Fitness Seminar in University of the Philippines Diliman organized by the Philippine BodyBuilders Association of the Philippines (PBBA).

Four-peat Mr. Universe Ramon Cortuna shared a strategic exercise program for basic bodybuilding, Registered Nutritionist and Dietician Janeth Aro talked on Nutrition and Athletic Performance, and 4Fitness Institute’s Director Norman Encarnacion shared about Kettlebell 101.

Don’t get me wrong. I have not thought about shifting from teaching to bodybuilding (yet).

Myths disproven

“Bodybuilding stunts growth in height.”

Ramon Cortuna harvested gold medals in international competitions in the past decade and will continue to do so as he vies for a prestigious bodybuilding competition in Ohio come 2012.

I wonder whether he stopped growing, having reached a height a bit over 5’5”, because of his rigorous bodybuilding routine. But he was quick to dispel Myth 1 and say that his height was predetermined by his genes, not lifting heavyweights.

“Bodybuilding makes a male’s genital smaller”.

“Not true”, said Cortuna. “If it did reduce it, then I would have stopped bodybuilding a long time ago”, he exclaimed. That quip made his audience burst into laughter.

Bodybuilding or Brain-building?

With off-season bodybuilders around, I initially felt thin and quite malnourished although Coach Alice never failed to notice the lean muscled (sexy) body I developed over time, thanks to jogs around the UP oval and my improvised home gym!)…

But, I suppose I shouldn’t feel small at all amidst the crowd of bodybuilders with brawny chests and biceps at the seminar. I should

have the guts to walk tall and proud knowing that my brain “muscles” are certainly bigger, fitter, and healthier.

I recall telling TV host Danny Razon when I guested at GoodMorning Kuya in UNTV why we chose the name “MindGym” for our school “kung may gym sa body, dapat may gym din sa mind!”.

With high “reps” practicing and memory techniques teaching at MindGym Philippines, I could easily flaunt my (non-visible) brain’s power to anyone who would like to be amused with my memory skills.

Flex your brain “muscles” and look good

After his talk, the audience clamored that Cortuna remove his shirt and show off his form. Yes, he showed off his award winning form,that her had perfect curbs and cuts. He was really an icon among Filipino bodybuilders.

Remembering significant details of the seminar presentations without notes is square 1 of looking good among bodybuilding beginners (like me). I wonder how anyone can apply bodybuilding tips, know-hows, and “maths” in nutrition if one cannot effectively store, retain, and recall information shared by the speakers.

Yes, achieving mind and body symmetry is a plus!

Daily memory intake

To optimize muscle gain, Ms. Janeth Aro recommended that protein should comprise 25% of daily energy intake, 55% carbohydrate, and 20% fat. Timing of food and fluid intake, she said, is also equally important.

Memory training follows the same notion that – to optimize memory power gain, you should get daily information intake – but without percentages, no limits, no boundaries! Our mind has an infinite capacity and just like any muscle, memory shrinks only from lack of use.

Mmm.. brain food, anyone?

Pump it up!

At the end of the seminar, I met William Go, a bodybuilder, the incumbent secretary of PBBA. I gave him a memory demonstration a year ago to pump up his memory power in time for his Personal Trainer accreditation exams in the US.

William remains enthusiastic about the benefits of incorporating memory training in the next PBBA seminar – a nice added perk for me for attending a seminar where I only wanted to learn something new. I am glad that memory training for PBBA is as important as bodybuilding.

In closing...

Mr. Universe Ramon Cortuna said that heath is impossible to sustain without exercise.

In like manner, your memory coach Albert declares: a healthy mind is impossible without memory exercise.

Cheers to mindbuilders and bodybuilders!

About Coach Albert

Albert is a coach and associate education director at MindGym. He graduated cum laude in his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and diploma in Professional Education, both from the University of the Philippines.

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