Memory Workshop Sampler for 2011

Use it or lose it is a cliche which applies for muscle building as much as memory training.  Students have to use their memory powers to remember information, pass exams, and get good grades.  When students graduate from their educational institutions, they tend to stop using their memory and to exercise their brains, thus leading to the misconception that memory worsens with age.  It may deteriorate  BUT only if we allow it.

Boost your memory power by learning simple memory techniques useful for school and everyday living!  Enroll at MindGym Philippines’ Memory Advantage Workshop (MAW) facilitated by memory coach and professional teacher Albert Basa.

This October, MindGym will start conducting a 3-hour workshop to provide basic, easy-to-use, and effective memory techniques which requires shorter time and lower training investment.  The cost of the workshop including materials, certificate, and light snacks is a very reasonable  amount of P 1,500.

With the use of memory techniques, here’s a range of things students and adults can achieve.

Students will have better chances to ace exams in any academic subject by remembering and recalling lessons to the details; eliminate test anxieties; and remember twice as much facts in a fraction of a time — thus, leaving more time for play, relaxation, and family affairs.

Businessmen, professional, housewives/husbands, and senior citizens can expect to improve their memory throughout your lifetime (yes, even with age); remember people’s names and faces, quotes and lyrics of songs; deliver noteless presentations; associate products with their prices and shop efficiently; and make mental notes of important actions (like where you parked your car or kept valuable things).

About MindGym

MindGym Philippines is a learning center directed by educators with the passion to teach, learn, care, and share the best! We offer licensure exam reviews, art workshops, and academic tutorials.

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