Watch Movies, Increase Memory Power!

In our L.E.T. review sessions on learning theories, I advice teachers to go on a movie date to understand how “classical conditioning works” by making their movie date crave more for them or even fall in love with them a few movies after.

But I’m not a love guru so you’ll have to discover your own magic motives. I’m a memory coach and my goal now is to show how watching movies can increase your memory power.

Real Steel (2011)Two nights ago, I had a movie date and the most difficult part other than waiting in line to buy popcorn is choosing a good movie to watch. “No Other Woman” remains an attraction with ticket sales close to “Harry Potter” and “Transformers” in the Philippines but a second in a row might be boring.

Real Steel (2011)

So I chose “Real Steel” instead starring Hugh Jackman and directed by Shawn Levy.

Setting: Year 2020 when humans have been replaced by robots in boxing (except Pacquio, he’s irreplaceable!). Fast-forward: Robots Zeus vs. Atom match. Zeus won but with tarnished reputation and Atom as the “people’s champion” by fighting shadow-boxing mode and copying Charlie (Jackman) from the ring side.

Replaying a movie in my mind is sometimes more enjoyable (with no tickets to buy and time waste in a queue). I can recall vividly the detailed scenes and dialogues of my favorite actors.   Try doing it sometimes — that’s if you can remember the movies you’ve watched.  Let me show you how to remember forthcoming movies that you plan to watch.

“Association” is all you need

Remembering movie titles, characters, and scenes plus your movie date’s name (if you’ve had many), is a work of memory.

The technique – ASSOCIATION.

Harry Lorayne, in his book “Super Memory Super Student” said that association is the language of memory. Association is simply the tying together or connecting of two or more things.

In my interview at GMA News TV with Kara David, it’s what I meant when I said that step 1 in remembering things is by making a connection, like a pen and a pillow flying together!

Seeing through your mind’s eye

There are countless ways of seeing with your mind’s eye, of course.

But here’s one general rule: For you to remember anything, it must be associated or connected with something you already know. And you have to do it consciously!

Now, let’s apply this rule to some movie favorites.

1.  The director of Real Steel is Shawn Levy.


How do you remember his name: Picture a show (sounds like shawn) where you pay a levy (other word for tax or fee) in exchange of a ticket made of steel!

2. The lead character in Harry Potter is Daniel Radcliffe.

To keep him in mind: Imagine Red Harry Potter in a cliff yelling it’s Done!

3. Yes, you can still recall the Autobots and Sam Witwicky in Transformers but do you remember the names of some Decepticons: Starscream, Bonecrusher, Soundwave, Brawl, Barricade, and Blackout?

Want to commit their names to your memory?  How about this: A star screaming because it’s crushed by a bone, a bone waving while listening to sounds, sounds of brew-ing (sounds like brawl), brew-ing a barcode, missing barcode coz’ its blackout!

To recap, the memory technique of “association” is merely linking the sound of a word to a familiar mental picture or several vivid images linking the word with its meaning.

Isn’t this fun! Be more imaginative and creative in the images or pictures that you use.  View them in vibrant colors and in motion.

Remember: What you don’t recall, you might as well not have watched.

Next blog, let me show you how the POPCORN can help you remember as you never had before.

Got time for memory coaching to meet your personal memorization gaps?  Post a message and we’ll update you of our live coaching schedules.

About Coach Albert

Albert is a coach and associate education director at MindGym. He graduated cum laude in his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and diploma in Professional Education, both from the University of the Philippines.

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