March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in English (Day 3)

Here’s a quick exercise you can do before you go out on a weekend gimmick.

Did you get these correctly in Day 2’s LET questions for Science:

1. D. Muro-ami

2. C. Stroke

3. A. Adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D

4. B. typhoons

5. D. Producers

English items in the LET comprise 20 percent of the General Education module. Give these items a try:

1. “No one was prepared for the oral examination. We _____ have read the exercises last night.”

A. ought

B. would

C. can

D. should

2. If I ________ your parent, I would ground you for a month for your misbehavior.

A. should be

B. am

C. were

D. was

3. What figure of speech is used in these lines from Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales? “His eyes rolled, they never seemed to settle, / And glittered like the flowers beneath a kettle”

A. Simile

B. Hyperbole

C. Metaphor

D. Personification

4. What is meant by “two pins” in this sentence? For two pins I could have hit him on the nose.

A. With a second course of action

B. Without much persuading

C. Given a second chance

D. With an alternative response

5. What correction should be made to this sentence? Most fire-related death’s result from household fires, yet many people do not have fire extinguishers in their homes.

A. Remove the comma after “fires”.

B. Change “have” to “has”.

C. Change “result” to “results”.

D. Replace “death’s” with “deaths”.

Watch out for more exercises to get you ready for March 11.

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