March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Assessment (Day 10)

Assessment completes the teaching-learning process—and the Professional Education module of the LET as well. Have the following items for your diagnostic, formative or summative self-evaluation of your preparedness for this part of the test:

1. While she in the process of teaching, Teacher Arlie finds out if her students understand what she is teaching. What is Teacher Arlie engaged in?

A. Criterion-reference evaluation

B. Summative evaluation

C. Formative evaluation

D. Norm-reference evaluation

2. Which behavioral term describes a lesson outcome in the highest level of Bloom’s cognitive domain?

A. Create

B. Evaluate

C. Analyze

D. Design

3. Which is the most authentic way of measuring student’s ability to debate?

A. Let them watch debates on video and ask them to identify strong and weak points.

B. Ask them to outline the steps involved in a debate and list down do’s and don’ts.

C. Have the students witness a debate and ask them to evaluate the debate after.

D. Organize a debate in class and have them debate on a controversial issue.

4. Teacher Marielle constructed a matching type test. In her columns of items are combinations of events, people and circumstances. Which of the following guidelines in constructing matching type of test did she VIOLATE?

A. List options in an alphabetical order.

B. Make list of items homogeneous.

C. Make list of items heterogeneous.

D. Provide more options than stems.

5. Among the choices given, A, B, C, D, for an item, no student chose D. It means D is:

A. a defective distracter

B. a vague distracter

C. an effective distracter

D. a plausible distracter

Answers to DAY 9’s LET questions for facilitating learning, child and adolescent development:
1. A. Reinforcement
2. D. Activities for hypothesis formulation
3. D. Social
4. C. Self-actualization
5. B. Humanist

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