March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Foundations of Education (Day 7)

For Professional Education we start with the foundations of education and its social dimensions. This area takes up 10 percent of the whole test. Don’t be surprised to find items such as this in the LET in March:

1. Which feature was TRUE of Philippine education during the Spanish regime?

A. Separation of Church and State

B. Vernacular as a medium of instruction

C. Emphasis on religious instruction

D. Establishment of a normal school

2. If a teacher believes that the purpose of education is to foster self-discovery and consciousness of choice, as well as the responsibility for making choices, then the teacher adheres to the ideas of______.

A. Essentialism

B. Existentialism

C. Empiricism

D. Epicureanism

3. He was considered as the “first teacher” in ancient China.

A. Confucius

B. Mencius

C. Mo-Tzu

D. Lao Tzu

4. Are elementary and secondary education compulsory for all children of school age?

A. No, only elementary education is compulsory.

B. Yes, for all children regardless of age.

C. Yes, that is why they are free of charge.

D. No, this violates parents’ and children’s right to decide what is best for them and their children.

5. The Professional Teachers Code of Ethics does not cover:

A. teachers of academic, vocational, special, technical or non-formal institutions.

B. all full time or part time public and private school teachers and administrators.

C. teachers in all educational institutions at the pre-school, elementary and secondary levels.

D. teachers in the tertiary level.

Answers to DAY 6’s LET questions for IT:

1. B. Cursor

2. A. Spreadsheet

3. D. Modem

4. A. Software

5. C. Keyboard

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