March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Principles of Teaching (Day 8)

Do you find doing  our drills helpful?  For this post, we’ll start with Professional Education.  But, before we do that, you may check your answers yesterday.

Of all parts of the Professional Education module, questions on the principles of teaching should be the easiest—they are mostly situations which ask for your appropriate response as a teacher. Try out these questions to see how prepared you are for the LET and for teaching:

1. Which is a sound classroom management practice?

A. Establish routines for all daily needs and tasks.

B. Avoid establishing routines; routines make your student robots.

C. Apply reactive approach to discipline.

D. Apply rules and policies on a case to case basis.

2. To encourage class participation, which should the teacher NEVER do?

A. Call on non-volunteers to recite.

B. Ask non-directed questions.

C. Pose high-level questions.

D. Reject a student’s response at once.

3. For which may you use the direct instruction method?

A. Become aware of the pollutants around us

B. Appreciate Milton’s Paradise Lost

C. Use a microscope properly

D. Distinguish war from aggression

4. Which activity should I use when I want to generate possible topics for panel discussion?

A. Task group

B. Forum

C. Debate

D. Brainstorming

5. Which statement on “wait time” is CORRECT?

A. Wait time turns off slow thinking students.

B. The higher the level of the question the longer the wait time.

C. Wait time discourages the brighter group of students.

D. For quality response, “what and why” questions require equal wait time.

Answers to DAY 7’s LET questions for social dimensions of education:

1. C. Emphasis on religious instruction

2. B. Existentialism

3. A. Confucius

4. A. No, only elementary education is compulsory.

5. D. teachers in the tertiary level.

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