March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Information Technology (Day 6)

Covering basic computer terms and communication tools, information technology questions in the LET should be giveaways for you. You’ll surely perfect these five:

1. On the computer screen, what indicates the position of the mouse?

A. Click

B. Cursor

C. Scroll

D. Start

2. You are tracking your household’s daily expenses and income through tables whose cells are set to compute for totals and other operations in your household finances. Which productivity tool are you using?

A. Spreadsheet

B. Word processing

C. Multimedia

D. Publisher

3. Which of the following devices serves as the intermediary between your computer and the phone system?

A. Hard disk

B. Monitor

C. Keyboard

D. Modem

4. It is a program that consists of instructions used to control hardware and accomplish tasks in a computer.

A. Software

B. Malware

C. Desktop

D. Input

5. It is the input device used to enter text into the computer.

A. Mouse

B. Scanner

C. Keyboard

D. Fax

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3 Responses to March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Information Technology (Day 6)

  1. nathalie'sMomma 2011/12/06 at 10:45 am #

    would the answers come quick?

  2. rosemarie 2011/12/10 at 3:26 pm #

    Hi Ma’am,
    Saan ko po makikita ang sagot ng SAMPLE LET item in Math (Day 5).
    Thank you

    • MindGym 2011/12/11 at 10:09 pm #

      @rosemarie: Answers posted next day. Thanks for visiting.