March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Majorship: CONTENT COURSE (Day 12)

Content course majors among our future professional elementary teachers, you need not worry that much about the scope of the specialization module. Work on basic concepts in all the courses—English, Filipino, math, science, values education and edukasyong pantahanan at pangkabuhayan—and teaching applications and you should do well. Give these a try:

1. It is difficult to teach tense to Filipinos because ______.

A. tense cannot be translated to Filipino

B. English has many tenses

C. it is not present in the Philippine language

D. the Filipino tense is different from English

2. “Tumungo sa ibang bansa ang Pangulo at mga senador.” Ibigay ang kayarian ng pangungusap.

A. Tambalan

B. Langkapan

C. Hugnayan

D. Payak

3. How much larger is the supplement of a 57 degree angle than the complement of a 75 degree angle?

A. 108 degrees

B. 13 degrees

C. 123 degrees

D. 5 degrees

4. Which statement is FALSE?

A. Solid particles have the strongest attractive forces in between.

B. The gas phase has the least kinetic energy.

C. Molecules of solids and liquids are more closely packed than those in gasses.

D. Solids and liquids have more molecules per unit volume, hence their densities are higher.

5. Integrity means wholeness.  The bully lacks integrity in the sense that he/she looks at the world only in terms of _______.

A. popularity

B. power

C. material wealth

D. pleasure

Answers to DAY 11’s LET questions for biological science:
1. D. Lysosomes
2. B. 50%
3. A. Location
4. D. Sympathetic
5. C. Insect

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