March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Majorship: EARLY CHILDHOOD (Day 16)

1. He is the “Father of Pedagogy” and considered the first to teach young children of preschool age.
A. John Dewey
B. Howard Gardner
C. Burrhus Skinner
D. Johann Heinrich Peztalozzi

2. Learning disability is detected when the child:
A. has visual or hearing difficulty.
B. is a brain injured and has difficulty in talking.
C. is mentally retarded or has emotional disturbance.
D. does not achieve commensurate with his/her ability level.

3. What should the teacher apply when struggles between children emerge during play?
A. Conflict Management
B. Facilitation
C. Motivate
D. Observation

4. Which is the most essential consideration in making a schedule in the preschool?
A. Copy the schedule from your companions since the activities are the same.
B. Make a variety of activities in the schedule.
C. Plan a sequence of events that occur daily in the preschool program that would satisfy the needs of the pupils.
D. Wait for the need to arise, then make a schedule.

5. What mathematical skills can be integrated by counting?
A. Addition, measurement
B. Geometry, seriating
C. Temporal concept, comparing
D. Classifying, telling time

Answers to Day 15 drills on Physical Science
1. D. Butter melts
2. B. potassium chloride
3. B. Absolute humidity
4. B. The earth rotates from west to east.
5. D. 34 m

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      @Josephine Acha: Thanks for your call. Let me see what I can do for the Early Childhood review materials.

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      @ anna estores: at the moment, our reviewer for ECE is for our enrollees use only. Why not join us for LET coaching or take our FREE diagnostic test?

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      Hi Jasmin!

      Review for September 2012 LEt is still open, until end of June or while seats are available. Our FREE LET diagnostic exam is scheduled on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays; please go to our center on these dates.

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      Hi Madelaine,

      Our Majorship reviewers are exclusively available to MindGym students only. If you want you may attend our Majorship weekend sessions (Feb 16-17 or 23-24, 2013, Php 1,500 including materials) or 3-day final coaching workshop on 2013 (March 1, 2, 3, 2013, Php 2,000 including materials. More details at

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    Hi! What are the major subjects covered in BEED maj. in ECE board exam?
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