March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Majorship: ENGLISH (Day 13)

A quick checklist for your preparation for the English specialization should include: language, literature—world, Filipino in English, and methods in teaching English.
Here is a sample of what your review should be able to cover:

1. Which of the following terms describes the subject matter, style, tone and attitude of literature of ancient Greek and Rome?
A. Romanticism
B. Realism
C. Classicism
D. Naturalism

2. Which is NOT a work of Leo Tolstoy?
A. Father and Sons
B. The Death of Ivan Illych
C. Anna Karenina
D. War and Peace

3. When a teacher wants to emphasize the learners’ needs to identify why they are writing and for whom, he/she can use the _________.
A. process approach
B. controlled writing approach
C. free writing approach
D. communicative writing approach

4. Which of the following sentences is done in acceptable English?
A. Gilbert cleaned the table up.
B. Tess is eager to talk to.
C. That she dances well surprises me.
D. He desires that you go.

5. The official stand of the newspaper on a particular issue is found in the _______.
A. Inside page
B. editorial page
C. features section
D. front page

Answers to DAY 12’s LET questions for content course:
1. D. the Filipino tense is different from English
2. D. Payak
3. A. 108 degrees
4. B. The gas phase has the least kinetic energy.
5. B. power

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    LET examiner din ako this coming September 30. Nice one po!!!

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    i will take the exam this coming sept. 30…can u give me tips to pass the board exam?:) thanks

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    Good luck for the examinees this Sept 30….

  5. jhoanne 2015/05/26 at 12:55 pm #

    can I ask? Do you have a LET Reviewer for English for my specialization .. how can I avail that one?