March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Math (Day 5)

Math is the easiest subject to master for the LET.  Yes!  If you learn how to solve Math problems in time for the LET, you’d have a handy source of no-miss points.  In Math, there will always be definite answers unlike other parts of the LET which are value-laden or sometimes very subjective.

Math comprises 20% of the General Education module. The following items may help you gauge how much preparation you need for it:

1. What are the next three terms in the progression 1, 4, 16 …?

A. 64, 256, 1024

B. 67, 259, 1027

C. 48, 198, 1026

D. 65, 257, 1025

2. A man is 3 times as old as his son now. Four years ago, the sum of their ages was 36. Find the man’s age now.

A. 33

B. 11

C. 29

D. 36

3. What is the least common multiple of 12, 24 and 72?

A. 12

B. 72

C. 144

D. 36

4. The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 25 feet. If one leg is 24 feet, what is the length of the other leg?

A. 6 ft.

B. 5 ft.

C. 20 ft.

D. 7 ft.

5. If two variables X and Y are directly related, which of these is NOT true?

A. When X is low, Y is also low.

B. As X increases, Y also increases.

C. When X increases, Y decreases.

D. A high Y is associated with a high X.

Answers to Day 4’s LET questions for Filipino:

1. C. Pagdarasal

2. C. Payak

3. B. kartung pang-editoryal

4. D. Pagtutulad

5. A. Kaibigan

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3 Responses to March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Math (Day 5)

  1. HASMIN M. LANTO 2011/12/24 at 4:05 pm #

    Can you give more sample questions for secondary math? I know that you also aim to help poor people like us who cannot afford to pay review. you can help us through this.

  2. Glory belle 2012/01/27 at 1:35 pm #

    please …can u send me ur review materials for march 2012 let exam…..thank you poh…

    • MindGym 2012/02/07 at 12:53 am #

      @Glory belle: We post free materials at this site. Other materials are available for a fee or free for enrollees at MindGym. Join us soon.