March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Specialization: BIOLOGY (Day 11)

It’s 91 days to go before the March 2012 LET and that’s just 3 months till your LET day.  Make the most of the Christmas holiday break.  You don’t have to sulk in a corner while others are enjoying but at the least: finish filing your LET application with the PRC, select a review center, or brush up your dusty reference books, and prepare your LET study nook.

For today, after having a taste of LET questions in the General Education and Professional Education modules in the past weeks, Biological science majors can take a peek into what they may expect on March 11:

1. Which of the following is referred to as the “suicidal bags” of the cell?

A. Chloroplasts

B. Vacuoles

C. Ribosomes

D. Lysosomes

2. If Albert and Kate have 5 children, all of which are boys, what is the probability that their next child will be a girl?

A. 25%

B. 50%

C. 75%

D. 100%

3. Joy planted 4 pots of gumamela plants in four different locations. What is her independent variable?

A. Location

B. Gumamela plant

C. Pot

D. Plant growth

4. Jason was awakened by his mother because there is fire in their kitchen. What division in his nervous system is most active during this time?

A. Central

B. Parasympathetic

C. Peripheral

D. Sympathetic

5. In which of the following organisms are tracheal systems for gas exchange found?

A. Earthworm

B. Jellyfish

C. Insect

D. Vertebrate

Answers to DAY 10’s LET questions for assessment:
1. C. Formative evaluation
2. B. Evaluate
3. D. Organize a debate in class and have them debate on a controversial issue.
4. B. Make list of items homogeneous.
5. A. a defective distracter

(P.S.  We still have some slots for our March 2012 LET coaching which starts January 7; visit MindGym for FREE diagnostics but call 437-5880 or text 09278770800 first to set an appointment if you plan to come on days other than Wednesdays or Saturdays which we’ve earmarked as diagnostics day.  Or, if you prefer an online LET review since you live or work far from Manila, get a taste of how it is to review online at our other site:

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5 Responses to March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Specialization: BIOLOGY (Day 11)

  1. jonalie r. fabregas 2011/12/16 at 5:34 pm #

    Please giveme some reviewers for my major.thanks

  2. Jose L. Velasco 2012/04/30 at 4:32 pm #

    my major is social studies may i request a sample thanks

  3. vincent 2014/12/03 at 5:28 pm #

    number 1 suicide bags should be lysosomes.

  4. vincent 2014/12/03 at 5:30 pm #

    number 1 should be lysosomes.

  5. Penny 2015/08/03 at 8:14 pm #

    yah i agree no.1 should be lysosomes