March 2012 LET Review – Sample LET Items in Science (Day 2)

It’s December 2.  I hope you were able to warm up with our Social Studies drills yesterday.  Start a good LET habit of reviewing everyday.  We’ll make it easy for you when you visit our site for chewable bites of LET sample items.

Have you done yesterday’s initial exercises?  If not yet, do them first before taking a look at these Answers to yesterday’s (Day 1) LET questions for Social Studies:

1. B. China, Vietnam, Taiwan

2. B. Cagayan River

3. A. Isabelo de los Reyes

4. D. A tourist lectures his foreign hosts on the “uncivilized” nature of their marriage customs

5. C. Highly centralized

Keep track of your scores so that you’ll get an idea as to what subjects you need to review more.

Today, try to recall science concepts and facts with our sample of LET items:

1. Which is a destructive fishing method wherein fishes are driven out of a coral reef by pounding the corals with heavy weight?

A. Corals entrapping

B. Reef fishing

C. Cyanide fishing

D. Muro-ami

2. What may occur when there is a severe damage to some parts of the brain due to lack of blood supply?

A. Heart attack

B. Rheumatic heart

C. Stroke

D. Thrombosis

3. Which can help prevent developing osteoporosis?

A. Adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D

B. Less exercise to decrease bone density

C. Adequate intake of Vitamins A and D

D. Estrogen replacement therapy

4. Meteorology is a very important branch of natural science, without which we cannot be informed of forthcoming _______.

A. earthquakes

B. typhoons

C. comets

D. meteors

5. In the energy pyramid, which organisms occupy the base?

A. Herbivores

B. Heterotrophs

C. First order consumers

D. Producers

Watch out for answers tomorrow and expect daily LET drills for the whole month of December as our Christmas token to future licensed Filipino teachers.

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