Claim victory but remain teachable says Peej Caguin-del Rosario, Top 10 September 2011 LET

The person who makes success of living is the one who see his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication.
—Cecil B. DeMille

Being a mom, an employee, and a LET reviewee all at one time is not easy.

Juggling one’s time becomes even more challenging when one has to be a mom to three young children and at the same time a school administrator and guidance counselor.

To compound the hurdle, aspire to be a topnotcher.

With three roles to play, Particia Jhoanna “Peej” Caguin-del Rosario, Top 10, September 2011 Secondary Education (major in Values Education) managed very well.  Learn how she did it with discipline, attitude, and prayer:

My LET Story

by Patricia Jhoanna Caguin-del Rosario

I grew up in a family where doing my best was most important. In every task, my Ama and Mama would often remind me that as long as I do my best, there’s really nothing to regret, whatever the outcome may be.


Doing my best to prepare for the LET included entailed three things for me.

First, discipline. My hands are full. I am a hands-on mom to three young kids—Rachel, Rafael, and Russel—while I work full-time as a Preschool Principal and the Head of the Guidance Center.

I realized that if I do not have a “review plan”, I may get sidetracked very easily. LET review materials from bookstores and co-teachers did not seem to meet my standard of “best effort.” That was when I chose to invest in MindGym.

It was not hard getting motivated to engage in the discussions and answering (what seemed to me never-ending!) drills because the coaches, most notably Ms. Alice and Sir Albert, are passionate about learning, themselves. With their hearts, they drive their reviewees to pursue excellence which compelled me to go beyond what they expect of me. I augmented my MindGym learnings with extra readings, research and tutors. I have learned that it takes serious discipline to constantly believe that, “YES, I CAN!”


Consequently, I trained my mind and heart to wear the right attitude. I was deliberately ready to repel thoughts, situations and even people who plague my being with anything negative. Instead, I soaked in God’s truths like “I am the Lord, the God of all mankind, is anything too hard for me?”  (Jer. 32:27).

Along with the formulas and acronyms on the walls of my classroom, office and bedroom, were Bible verses and affirmation statements which I declare (loudly) each day. I pictured myself victorious while making sure my heart remains teachable.


Lastly, I made sure that I spend time in prayer. I basked in God’s love and grace each day, which became my fuel to persevere. Several people have committed to pray for me too on a constant basis. I boldly asked God to answer my prayer to top the LET. His answer was more than I imagined and I credit it all to God’s amazing grace.

When I think about what next step to take after my LET success, I carry in my heart my daughter’s words: “Congratulations, Mommy. Keep moving forward.”

Peej Caguin-del Rosario is a Psychology graduate of Miriam College, with a Professional Teaching Certificate from the University of the Philippines.  She is currently the PreSchool Principal and Head of the Guidance Center of the Marikina Christian Integrated School.

About Mo/am Alice

As Education Administrator/Director of MindGym, she tackles the center’s day-to-day affairs and gives its learners the warmth, care, and support that only the “heart” could afford to deliver. As one of the main coaches for MindGym’s Intensive Coaching for LET, she infuses practical lessons not only for LET success but for life as a teacher. She vows to be a lifelong learner. Follow her on Twitter.

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6 Responses to Claim victory but remain teachable says Peej Caguin-del Rosario, Top 10 September 2011 LET

  1. jonathan 2012/03/19 at 7:22 pm #

    wow, that’s so amazing, i want to have a review in mindgym, my problem is the budget hahahahaha, totoo po bang 80 and passing grade ngayon? ate peej, pls. pray for me, i want and need to pass the LET, i know that i have no capacity to pass that examination, it is only by God’s grace that i will pass the LET, May the Lord Jesus give us a favor, God Bless you mindgym and ate peej

  2. jonathan 2012/03/19 at 7:35 pm #

    pls. pray for me ate peej, gusto ko pong makapasa sa LET, i know that i have no kapacuti to pass that examination, it is only by God’s grace that i will pass that examination, may the Lord Bless Us. salamat po sa encouragement, ahm , totoo po bang 80 na ang passing grade?

  3. josephine 2012/03/24 at 3:51 am #

    hi ate peej,pls help me n makapasa ako LET exam,gusto qng makajoin sa LET review,paano?kasi po andito p ako sa saudi arabia.thanks po

    • MindGym 2012/03/24 at 8:16 am #

      Hi Josephine,

      If you’re in Saudi Arabia, you might want to join MindGym’s online LET review service at: though you’ll need solid discipline to review at your own pace.

      Also you might want to have a relative send a copy of our new LET reviewer book to help you familiarize with the basics of the LET.

      With that said, there are many other options for review, like online LET reviewers (just browse our sites for sample quizzes).

  4. Petronilo 2012/04/28 at 5:31 am #

    hi po,,,my review center po kau?saan po?at mgkano bayad?