Fact: Only 23 out of 100 pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers …So discover early how to do it right and make it this September 30

Are you one of the thousands of education graduates taking the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) this September 30?  If you are, read on and know early the context of the LET that you are about to take.  This would surely give you the right perspective to begin your LET preparation.

So many education graduates take the LET but only a few pass.  With the upward trend in the number of LETers (or LET takers) from the 97,560 pioneer LETers in 1996 to almost 150,000 in 2011, it is saddening that only a quarter make it to the list of successful examinees.

LETers Performance, April 2009-September 2011

Number of LETers Number of Successful LETers National Passing Percentage
April 2009 50,787 13,384 26%
September 2009 81,425 18,837 23%
April 2010 59,108 11,318 19%
September 2010 76,222 17230 23%
April 2011 62,629 12,946 21%
September 2011 87,116 23,374 27%

In the September 25, 2011 LET, only 10,243 elementary teachers out of 45,171 (22.68%) and 13,125 secondary teachers out of 41,729 (31.45%) passed the LET administered in 18 testing centers all over the Philippines.

A look further back in time shows that the passing rate for LET is not only low (compared to other disciplines, like Nursing 34%, Law 32%, Accountancy 48%, Physician  53%, Pharmacy, 32%, Midwifery, 45%) but has even declined.

The reality of the LET’s low passing rate becomes more depressing if we consider the performance of Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs).  Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Chito Baltazar wrote that 35% or roughly 900 Colleges of Education in the country did not produce a single LET passer in April 2011. Further, for the period 2005 to 2009 covering 10 LETs, he said that not one licensed teacher passed in 154 TEIs.  No wonder, to relieve their institution of the shame of producing graduates who fail the LET, some TEIs do not give their students their Transcript of Records for PRC Board Examination application documentation unless the students pass the school’s LET preparedness test or show the Registrar a proof of enrollment in a credible LET review center.  Did you graduate from a TEI with a high passing rate?

Last year, almost 370,000 students enrolled in BSE and BEED despite updates that education is already an oversubscribed discipline. This April 2012, about 70,000 education students graduated – the third highest number of graduates across disciplines according to CHED.   When graduation hangover subsides, these education graduates will be going in droves to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) to apply for the September 30 LET along with the thousands of others who will take their second third, fourth, or nth chance.  If you are among the LET applicants, expect to be in the company of a multitude of retakers aspiring to be lucky in the LET just as one of our LETers made it, at last, on her 14th take.  Are you ready to be one of the few who will succeed in LET?

As a first taker of LET wanting to succeed, you may have asked yourself the following questions after knowing the above information on LET passing rates.

Is this (the low LET passing rate) due to lack of preparedness of education graduates to meet the competencies required of professional teachers? Is there a mismatch in pre-service teachers’ training and LET competencies? Does this point to a policy loophole in the regulation of Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs) in the country? Does this call for the amendment of Republic Act 7836 or the Teachers Professionalization Act especially on the minimum educational qualifications of LETers?

The affirmative answers to the foregoing questions also alarm us, LET review coaches wanting to preserve our commendable LET performance for our review center.  And, we’ve proven through our LET readiness (diagnostic) test that the majority of education graduates are not really equipped to pass LET.

The facts above do not give us the causes for the poor performance of LETers and even of the TEIs but what these facts glaringly show us is that:

–           the LET is a big challenge for any education graduate wishing to be a                                licensed professional teacher; and

–           the LETer has to prepare early, review comprehensively, and work smart                           to be in the 23% who pass.

In addition, we have proven that given a committed learner/reviewee, caring coaches, the right materials, a reasonable time for review and an effective review system, even prospective LET takers from poor performing TEIs had the chance of passing.

LET taker, LET is doable.  So, instead of minding  the figures above, starting now, try to figure out how you can increase your chances of doing it once and getting it over — with flying colors.

Let me remind you of William Ward’s recipe for success: “Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing”

Sure you can!

Are you looking for help to avoid the anxieties of not seeing your name in the list of LET passers?  Do you have the drive to pass on first take?  Are you willing to invest in time, effort, and funds (of course) to be in the top 23% of the September LET? Visit us soon.

(by MindGym Coach Albert A. Basa, Top 3, April 2009 LET, Secondary Education)

About Coach Albert

Albert is a coach and associate education director at MindGym. He graduated cum laude in his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and diploma in Professional Education, both from the University of the Philippines.

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