1st Study Skills Camp at MindGym on June 2: Warm Up, Prep Well, and Excel!

Throughout the school year, how often do we hear the following typical remarks about studying and learning?

Mom: I wish my child had better grades.  She/he spends so much time on Facebook and his/her PSP or cellphone.  I feel guilty that I  can’t be by her/his side as a tutor.  I need to make a living.  What can I do?

Teacher, talking to a mom on Parent-Teacher Conference day:  Your son is bright but he doesn’t submit homeworks and projects on time.  He forgets deadlines.  He seems to be distracted by many things.  He lacks motivation or probably lacks focus on his subjects and his grades are dwindling.  It’s a pity he would have passed this subject with just a bit more effort.

Student:  I am not as intelligent as my big sister or my seatmate in class who always gets high grades in all subjects.  I study hard at home.  I copy all notes my teacher writes on the board. But, I wonder why I still get low grades.  I think I was born dumb.

Student:  School sucks.  My teacher doesn’t explain well and erases the blackboard immediately.  I already have a tutor after class.  But, my mom still checks and reviews me until I drop dead in bed. 

Student:  I wish it was already Friday afternoon so I can play.  School is boring. Why do I have to go to school everyday.

For me, I hear these rants and whines many times in a month — from students who come to MindGym everyday after school for tutorials and from working moms/dads who release their pent up emotions to me while waiting for their kid to finish tutorials.

There is a need for students to “learn how to learn”.

One solution we offered to students and parents was to revive MindGym’s memory improvement workshop with memory coach-teacher Albert Basa.  But, the workshop addresses only a part of students’ needs for information retention and recall.

We had an idea:  why not conduct a fun-filled and cooperative group study skills camp this summer to empower students to excel.  We can share with them study skills, tips, and cheats to make learning interesting, efficient and meaningful and hopefully improve grades with the advent of the school year this June. 

 The result:  MindGym’s 1st Study Skills Day Camp on 2 June 2012, Saturday, from 8am to 7pm for intermediate graders and high schoolers — the best time to warm up and prepare for a better school experience. 

What’s in store for students?

A whole day of enjoyable activities with new friends, like:

  • learning to learn with your own personal learning style;
  • goal setting, motivation, and organization for the new school year;
  • improving study skills: note taking, memorization, reading, and writing (as needed)
  • doing creative, relaxing, and cool activities to bust school boredom and stress.

Parents’ training investment in this whole day study skills camp with handouts, lunch, certificate, and freebies is only P 3,000.

Early birds get a 50% bonus if enrolling on or before May 16.

A study skills day camp would surely empower your child to excel in school and have time for play, gimmicks, and entertainment.  After the workshop,  he would learn to love school because you have equipped him/her with enhanced study tools and smart techniques to move forward in class and enjoy child’s play when school is over.

Reserve a seat by calling MindGym at 437-5880 or by emailing your child’s name, age, grade/year level, school to mindgym.inc@gmail.com

About MindGym

MindGym Philippines is a learning center directed by educators with the passion to teach, learn, care, and share the best! We offer licensure exam reviews, art workshops, and academic tutorials.

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