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MJ giving thanks at our Hawaiian-themed Victory Party for March 2012 LET Passers & Topnotchers, May 2012

“A Challenge to New Teachers and the Government”, A Topnotcher’s Speech

As “Amomandmore” and mo/am A to MindGym LET reviewees, this is the fifth time that I’ve experienced fulfillment in something without being in the limelight, in the news, or in a public recognition platform. All five related to the joys of topping the LET: First was when I went onstage the Cuneta Astrodome with my […]

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“Art for Teachers Workshop” Participants Add Color and Spice to their Classrooms

We’re always captivated to see works of our students outside the MindGym center premises. Here’s a photo and testimonial by recent attendee teacher Mark Denoso (thanks for sharing!): These cute paper animals will be displayed on my bulletin board all throughout this school year. Attending your art workshop is a boost for us, teachers. It […]

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