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My LET Story: On Winning the LET Battle

Of around twenty-eight thousand examinees who took the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (Secondary), what were my chances of passing and topping the LET? It felt like a game on probability, and to increase my chances, careful calculations must be made. But the calculations, the preparations for the big day—the Big Battle Day—were not easy. I […]

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How to Cram and Succeed in LET (or any other test)

Post by Coach Alice Do you work best under pressure? Does the primacy-recency effect work for you? Is now the only time you have to review for the licensure examination for teachers (LET) or an exam you’ll be taking soon? Are you ready to commit for LET success or to pass a test? As a […]

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Last chance to review with us for the September 2012 LET!

There’s still some time to “cram” for the exam! If you haven’t started reviewing OR just want to give yourself a better chance of passing/topping the LET.. Here’s your last chance to review with MindGym Philippines. How to Register: Inform us that you’re registering through 09278770700 / 437-5880 / 986-0944. Go to our center to […]

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MJ (at the center, in yellow) with coach Albert Basa and fellow Social Studies majors of MindGym March 2012 LET coaching batch

My LET Story: From Online LET Reviewee to Licensed Teacher to LET Coach

by MJ Tumamac It has already been months since I took the March 2012 Licensure Examination for Teachers and the day I decided to enroll in MindGym’s online LET Coaching At first, I had no plans to review for the LET. Passing the LET seemed unimportant to me because it was not a requirement […]

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MindGym Inspiring LETers: Visually Impaired Joel Rescober Sees with His Heart

Post by Coach Alice Do you remember the famous quote from Antoine de Saint Exupery: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye? I used to have this quote on many of the handmade bookmarks that I crafted when I was younger (and there […]

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