How to Handle LET Anxieties the MindGym Way

Post by Coach mo/am Alice

My dear MindGym LETers,

I am as excited, nervous, and hopeful as you are for the LET.

Are you excited to go to your testing site and meet you fellow LETers?  Are you nervous about what kind of test items you will be given and how you are going to handle them? Are you hopeful that you will TOP/pass the LET? Yes, we are!

By now, you should already be responding with a firm “Yes” to these questions.

It’s been  sometime since you joined our Intensive Coaching for the LET, our online LET review (MyReviewCoach), and our three-day Power Coaching LET refresher.

Yes, you are almost at the finish line.  During your stay at MindGym, I and your coaches have seen your desire, perseverance, commitment, and will power to TOP/pass the LET despite adverse conditions.  The summer batch has calmly endured half a day of brownout and the clanging of dishes as we had to review in a nearby restaurant around lunch hours.  The summer batch endured the warm summer days at the center while the special batch braved the rains, floods and storms that befell the country to join their review classes.

At this point, you have had more than the average LET takers’ NCBTS-based review materials and notes; done over 4,000 LET drill items; brushed up on study and test-taking skills; and experienced several simulations of the LET day.

More than these, you experienced how it is to enjoy studying again, gained new friends, and inhaled the air breathed by many MindGym LET topnotcher-coaches (to invoke the Law of Attraction for LET success).  And of course, you have been challenged, coached, and cared for in a manner uniquely characteristic of the batch.

What else causes your anxiety?  What else do you need to do?

Hey,  you have already prepared well.  Believe.  Yes, you can!

It’s now time to chill, relax, and polish in time for your big day.

I was in your shoes four years ago when I took the 28 September 2008 LET.  From that time on through this moment that I coach aspiring professional teacher  at MindGym, I have experienced, observed, and learned winning ways to survive, cope, and handle one’s last few days till LET and the LET day itself.  Let me share them for you:


To do before LET day

 1. Keep (or get) organized.

You have two days at hand.  Budget your time to cram for essential lessons (which still give you jitters) and to go over last minute LET notes (which your coaches at MindGym continue to email, text or post on Facebook).  Put all things that you need to wear, eat, and bring to your testing site in one bag, in a safe corner (away from little kids or your home pets).  Check if you have all exam essentials at hand.

2. Relax, refresh, sleep.

Indulge yourself. Even if you have the tendency to stay late nights reviewing, strive to go to bed on time and have at least eight hours of sleep.  If partying and/or drinking with friends is your way of relaxing, find another option to relax.  It would be tough to keep alert and sober if you are dead tired or loaded with alcohol a few days before LET.

Also try other viable relaxation options:  get a foot spa, a full body massage, acupressure; watch a wholesome movie; eat out with your family or friends; try tai chi; go to the gym for stretching and light exercises; meditate in the park; go to mass; or simply take a leisurely walk.  Better yet, meet up with batchmates to “power up” one another.

3. Be positive.

Shun negative thoughts.  Be only with people who will give you encouragement, support, and love. Avoid people who may dampen your spirits with their tactless remarks about taking the LET.

Read again the affirmation notes that your batchmates and coaches wrote for you at the last page of LETers’ Choice LET Reviewer or at your affirmation sheets during our power coaching at MindGym.


To do on LET day

 4. Arrive on time.

Give enough allowance for doing personal daily tasks when you wake up.  Make sure you take the best route to your testing site (something very doable if you visited the location prior to LET day).  You will be allowed to enter the testing sites at 6:30 a.m.

5. Think “me”.

Be a little selfish. When you come early and are inside your testing room already, be choosey with the acquaintances or roommates that you are going to have small talk with. Shield yourself from conversations with people who look harassed, sleepless, frowning, or fatigued. They may affect you with their negative vibrations or heavy spirits. Veer away from those who continue to quiz each other or to review their books; they may likely make you feel inadequate and knock off the confidence you already developed.

6. Offer to pray before the LET.

Most of our MindGym topnotchers and passers initiated to say a prayer for everyone in their room. This little gesture made a difference in the way they started their day.  It connected them with a super power, a watchful guide, an all-knowing teacher, a loving Father. Try it and get an extra boost of confidence, the feeling of being “first” and in control.

7. Be careful.

This is a time to be OC or over cautious. When you get your LET materials, read instructions properly. Check the number of pages in your test questionnaire and make sure that there are no misprints or unreadable items. Double check the Set label (A or B) and ensure that you mark your answer sheet properly.

As suggested by topnotchers at MindGym, you may answer 10 items at a time in the questionnaire and transfer 10 items at a time also in the answer sheet, for a neater answer sheet and surer answers. The foregoing routine is not new to you since you have done this in our mock LET day.  Do not rush in answering even if you notice that you are the only one left in the room. MindGym’s topnotchers and high passers were the very last to leave their testing rooms and it paid off.

8. Strategize.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Browse through the test booklet before answering to get a feel of the LET. Part 1 of the LET or General Education, given first, has always been a shocker (from the time I took LET until the last LET in March 2012).  If the same pattern is followed, you feel zapped of energy and wavering in confidence early on, as many recounted.

When you experience this feeling, psych yourself that General Education is just 20% of the LET. You have so much remaining (80%) to work for. While each item in the LET answered correctly is a point towards topping or passing the LET, don’t waste time worrying that you didn’t get everything right at the start.  Move on to higher-marked, more-weighted Professional Education and Majorship items with much more gusto.

9. Take breaks.

Pace yourself.  Divide the time allocated to finish all items.  Remember that the brain works best when it is relaxed or at rest.  Every 20 to 30 minutes of brain work, loosen up.  Make sure you breathe properly and deeply from your abdomen.  Stand up, take a walk, and nibble snacks or candies.  Drink water or your chosen energy drink to hydrate. Take in fresh air if you can.  Stretch your arms, legs, backs, necks, and fingers.  You may even laugh your way out of test stress (but do it silently or your LET proctor might think you’ve gone crazy).

Before and During the LET (and always)

10. Maintain a positive attitude with the help of prayer.

Taking an optimistic stance will motivate you to accomplish not only your LET target but your life goals, to think creatively and see solutions in  times of challenge, to believe in yourself and use your innate gifts, and to maintain your confidence and self-esteem. Truly, nothing beats Divine Providence in tough and trying times.

MindGym LETers, expect the Pygmalion effect to work its way in you. You’ve been prepared for this LET.  Make the most of what comes. TOP/pass the LET.  Yes, you can!

~Mo/am Alice,  in behalf of  coach Albert, coach Melane and all MindGym coaches

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    Whew! Thanks a lot! Miss Alice, how about this… What to Do While Awaiting the LET Results the MindGym Way? hehe.. any suggestions?? thank you! 😉

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    thanks mom alice.. it’s indeed inspiring ;))

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    Thank you Ma’am Alice…God Bless you and Mindgym family more and more and more…

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    thank you mam Alice , Sir Albert, one night na lang LET na, thank you for inspiring us. God bless po.