Room Assignments for September 2012 LET Now Posted Online

by mo/am Alice

It’s 11 sleeps to go before the September 2012 LET.  By now, LET taker-teacher-to-be, you should already be winding up with LET review and beginning to cool down.

Today, one cause of anxiety for LETers is down.  PRC already posted room assignments for LET takers in Manila, Pampanga, CDO, Samar, Cebu and Davao.

Here’s the general link:

For Metro Manila, check your rooms here, by major:



Biological Science:

English and Literature:




Physical Science:

Social Studies



Be patient in downloading since the site can be quite busy with everyone checking their names and room assignments.  When you find your room assignment, take time to visit the site so you can gauge how much time you need to reach the place from your residence and where you can park your car or how you can reach the place commuting.  Check if your testing room is airconditioned so you can bring a scarf or jacket to keep you warm.  If the room is warm, make sure you wear clothes made of cotton.

Go and check your room assignment now.



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