September 2012 LET Coaching Results in 4Fs: Fun and Food

By mo/am Alice
(Part 2 of 3)


I think that if a LETer didn’t have fun reviewing at MindGym, he/she was probably too shy, too stiff, or simply KJ (a “kill joy”). From beginning to end, the candid photos I took with my outdated but reliable Canon digital – reflect the FUN that LETers had in:

→ getting to know each other with a pabitin, colorful balloons, a live family portrait.

→ dancing the twist, the itik-itik, the chicken dance, the robot rap

The Twist

→ massaging each others tired backs

→ playing games

→ powering up to make it till 8 PM

→ being up until the last words of the friendship song is sung and the answer keys handed out.


For this batch, instead of spoof awards we aligned with the country’s tourism slogan and had our own “fun awards” for LETers.

Lessons gained: Teachers and students both benefit from energizing brain breaks. Relaxed brains work better than stressed brains. Taking breaks which exercise the body and make LETers laugh and have fun ensures better learning,retention,and recall.



Food really helps us go, grow, and glow and it keeps LETers awake during review, bonded to each other, and chewing their cares away during MindGym coaching times.

Like I’ve added weight despite the hectic times, LETers may have gained at least 3 to 4 pounds in their 18-day review, blame it on the study tables blooming with chips, nuts, chocolates, sweets, puto and kutsinta wherever there’s space left free from our thick LET bulk packs.

In the company of friends, eating becomes more pleasurable and vice versa.  So, for this batch, we started a “boodle fight” tradition after GenEd and ProfEd module drills to tighten bonds among coaches and LETers. Even before the last LETer has finished his/her module test, MindGym’s long white writing tables have already been lined up with banana leaves and potluck food and drinks from LETers.

With hunger pangs, excitement, and the lure of friends by the table side and ready to eat – even the LETer obsessed with rubbing Alcogel before touching her food starts eating immediately with her fingers right after mealtime prayer has been said. Truly, teachers survive well in eating combats!


Lessons learned: One of the best way to a LETer’s head is through his/her stomach.

(Watch out for part 3 of 3 tomorrow!)

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