Six LET Topnotchers (including Top 1 and 2) and 92% Passing Rate: a Great Harvest in the March 2013 LET

“Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.” – Oscar Wilde

2013 greeted us with extra challenges in MindGym’s Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) coaching:

  • just two months to cram and refresh reviewees (or LETers) with all proficiencies needed to pass the March 10 LET;
  • unexpected jump in number of enrolees (which we long wished for) which forced us to rent a nearby venue: pushing overhead up and creating a dearth of coaches to handle two LET coaching sessions simultaneously;
  • a sizable count of LET repeaters, mainly from the provinces, dispersed thinly into different specialization groups (which further strained our manpower limits)

We dreamt of ten LET topnotchers and we committed to work hard. We enjoined MindGym LETers not only to pass the LET but to TOP the LET to ensure a high passing rate which will keep us proud to be the best review center there is.

Our LETers (as we fondly call our reviewees) inspired us to be up on our toes even when our throats ached already, our eyes dried up due to the projector’s glare, and our backs longed to hit our beds. They stayed patiently, even past 10 pm, listening and interacting with their coaches and doing their drills.  For this batch, we didn’t have “ten” LET Topnotchers, but thank God, LET results remained truly remarkable!

Six topnotchers emerged from the MindGym family (3 topnotchers in the Elementary Level and 3 in the Secondary Level). and several passers almost made it to the top as seen on the list below.

March 2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers(LET) Topnotchers

March 2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers(LET) Topnotchers

A majority of reviewees scored over 80% and many repeaters have successfully passed the LET cut-off (making our efforts, more fulfilling). Overall, 92% of MindGym first time LETers passed the March 2013 LET and 70% of repeaters.

Elementary Topnotchers




Secondary Topnotchers




Of the foregoing topnotchers, two have chosen to be teachers as a second profession. Top 1 Aileen Dacasin was working as a book editor while Top 2 Conrado Sotelo was a Registered Nurse at the time of LET coaching.

Interestingly, four of the batch topnotchers reviewed through MindGym’s online LET review program Aileen (Top 1), Karisse (Top 8), Alex (Top 3), and Kristine (Top 4) — proving that people with a burning desire to succeed would be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, despite meager time and budget at hand.

MindGym top bets who almost made it in the Top 10 and those whose scores were commendable are:

Top 11 to 20 (88.2 and above)

  • Ann Julien Brillantes, 90
  • Lady Diane Estonilo, 89.8
  • Mary Joy Macayayong, 89.8
  • Russel Panotes, 89.8
  • Michael John Jayoma, 89.6
  • Elena Escober, 89
  • Kathryn Alcantara, 88.8
  • Aiza Liza Bautista, 88.4

High Raters, alphabetical (85 to 88.2)

  • Karla Baesa
  • Darell Bautista
  • Dodot Cabardo
  • Celeste Cance
  • Jaea Conde
  • Zandra Cuna
  • Nadine Enerio
  • Alejandro Enriquez
  • Kate Fonte
  • Mabel Gaerlan
  • Maria Carmela Rosario Maniego
  • Jean Ong
  • Maria Emmalyn Oronos
  • Patricia Anna Pichay
  • Julius Pellero

This March 2013 LET, all intensive live coaching enrollees who took the English, Social Studies, Physics, Biology, and Values Education specializations made it 100%.

New licensed professional teachers coached the MindGym way include:

Batch 1

Ancaja, Jeanny Lyn
Angelo, John Michael
Anod, Rohena
Arcibal, May
Atip, Penelope May
Aure, Leah Andrea
Baesa, Karla Rosselle
Baguios, Mayette
Baldon, Richelle
Batong Jr., Victoriano
Bautista, Darell
Bautista, Aiza Liza
Belen, Rose Sharon
Berin, Shiela
Bindol, Merilene
Blanco, Mary Jane
Brillantes, Ann Julien
Bristol, Mary Jean
Buyucan, Sherlyne
Conde, Jaea Fryzl
Crisostomo, Ramoncito Jose
Cuña, Zandra
Enriquez, Alejandro
Esguerra, Wilson
Estepa, Nory Rose
Estonilo, Lady Diane
Fonte, Ann Katherine
Galias, Christine
Galman, Arvin Jay
Garcia, Hannah Joie
Gilbuena, Edda
Goricho, Judy Ann
Holgado, Sharelie Marie
Idaloy, Laila
Isada, Amanda Christina
Jayoma, Michael John
Juane, Charrize Anne
Kiocho, Joyann
Largo, Jan-Jan
Lozada, Mark Anthony
Magdaraog, Chenito
Maniego, Maria Carmela Rosario
Marayag, Arwin
Martinez, Hayzel
Mendoza, Aiza Claribel
Mercado, Danise Joy
Meriño, Nina Margarita
Micmic, Jolevie
Miguela, Paola Luz
Munda, Anna Gisella
Naigan, Lora Hama Stephanie
Nusug, Mark Joseph
Oronos, Maria Emmalyn
Ortega, Rhea
Panotes, John Russel
Pecan, Wilma
Pellero, Julius
Perez, Maylene
Perez, Ginalyn
Piosang, Raquel
Queman, Mae Lyn
Rabanzo, Frederick
Ramos, Phanny
Relampagos, Stephanie
Ricarte, Jasmine
Silla, Gianne Michelle
Solomon, Billie Rhey
Soriano, Arlyn
Sotelo, Conrado
Tan, Frederick
Tavas, Jacqueline
Valderrama, Carmela Victoria
Villamena, Rachelle
Villanueva, Angela
Villote, Maria Victoria
Yuzon, Jennifer

Batch 2

Alcantara, Kathryn
Angellano, Angeles
Baldomar, Eden
Bommael, Rodalyn
Bravo, Lilibeth Maeh
Bringas, Unice
Cabardo, Merdiorhee
Carmona, Arleen
Castillon, Maria Genaline
Cedron, Lorry
Crisostomo, John Rey
Crisostomo, Mark Anthony
Daray, Bebian
Decena, Anthony
Dela Cruz, Ellaine
Dela Cruz, Irene
Diaz, Isabel Maria
Dolorfino, Rochelle
Eisma, Gemma
Escober, Elena
Estelles, Nenelyn
Fajardo, Gabriel
Faminialagao, Gwen Marie
Fernandez, Jasmin
Fragante, Katrina
Francisco, Mayleen
Gaerlan, Mabel
Galan, May Lune
Garin, Rachel
Gonzaga, Mary Grace
Guisadio, Catherine
Guzman, Dione
Macayayong, Mary Joy
Mangilit, Christy
Olden, Annaliza
Ong, Jean
Ortiz, Lady Lynn
Pilande, Geraldine
Queyquep, Melany
Quintos, Johana
Ragel, Joneli
Ramos, Beverly
Ramos, Cherry
Ricarto, Jasmin
Samson, Felibeth
Sarandi, Toribio
Tomas, Ferolen
Torres, Bon Dennis
Tuazon, Manuel
Tubiano, Ma. Katrina
Valenzuela, Gregchie Emerald
Villanueva, Cynthia
Villanueva, Tricia
Yuzon, America

Online LET Review –

Brigoli, Alex (Top 3, Secondary)
Bueno, Iredell Manglit Bueno
Dacasin, Aileen Ventinilla (Top 1, Elementary)
Dimaano, Rosell Marasigan
Ebuenga, Kathleen Ann Deladia
Enerio, Nadine Elaine Acedera
Espinosa, Faye Marie
Estoesta, Abigail Christine Rullan
Goles, Hermilinda Hidalgo
Legaspi, Karisse Anne Grasparil (Top 8, Elementary)
Oliveros, Juvelyn
Ong, Jean
Paas, Kristine Joy Castillo Paas (Top 4, Secondary)
Penalba, Irma Mendoza
Perez, Jonathan Jose Amorillo
Sabijon, Laurie Fe Bernal
Tumanda, Glaiza Blunch Aventajado
Veloso, Jericho Valendo

Enrolled at Specialization Workshop

Avena, Alyssa Marie
Cance, Celeste Marie
De Guzman, Janice
Regalado, Fe
Reyes, Hilda
Santiago, Jennifer
Visto, Blasito

Enrolled at Three Day Power Coaching Workshop

Badocdoc, Leizl
Baldos, Beverly
Bueno, Iredell
Cance, Celeste Marie
Cezar, Jelly
De Guzman, Janice
Dingcog, Myrell Alelli
Ebuenga, Kathleen Anne
Enerio, Nadine Elaine
Estoesta, Abigail Christine
Lachica, Elaine
Lemi, Chynna Jillian
Peñalba, Irma
Regalado, Fe
Reyes, Hilda
Talatala, Maria Angela
Visto, Blasito

With this stellar LET performance, all our sleepless nights, late lunches, extra varicose veins, tired eyes and back aches were truly worth it. It’s time we coach even betterfor ten reviewees to make it to the top this September 2013.


Join MindGym’s LET Coaching for the upcoming September 2013 exam. More info here.

About Mo/am Alice

As Education Administrator/Director of MindGym, she tackles the center’s day-to-day affairs and gives its learners the warmth, care, and support that only the “heart” could afford to deliver. As one of the main coaches for MindGym’s Intensive Coaching for LET, she infuses practical lessons not only for LET success but for life as a teacher. She vows to be a lifelong learner. Follow her on Twitter.

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      Hi Marilyn, currently our center is only in Quezon City. You might want to join our online LET review program which we created specifically for physically distant students like you in mind. Please check out

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    I just wanna ask po if the online review for LET examination is available in Saturday sessions only and what will be the changes regarding to the schedule? thank you so much..

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      Hi Janine, the online LET review is as much as you can access to over 3500 MindGym LET drills and resources, along with Coaches’ Notes, Skype chats, and other materials, valid up to the most recent LET (Sept 29, 2013). It’s Php 2950 for the access. You’ll receive your details as soon as we confirm your payment, so if you want to access soon, please register ASAP as well. Check out the complete package details at

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      Yes Tin-tin, we offer TLE Specialization Review. There will be a small group for this Specialization (others will be grouped accordingly as well) in our Specialization Weekend on July 12, 13, 14. Are you interested in joining us? It’s Php 2000 including the workbook 🙂 Please call 4375880/09278770800 to reserve your slot.

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