Sample LET Items in English: Check Your Grammar Skills

Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks

Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks

Try answering these items and check if you can still remember the grammar rules you’ve learned way, way back.

1. Which sentence is incorrectly punctuated?

  • A. He already left the house that morning but he forgot his project in TLE.
  • B. The reference configurations are easy to deploy, manage, and upgrade.
  • C. Tea lovers may have a hard time sleeping, for the caffeine in tea stimulates the nervous system.
  • D. When conducting a lab experiment, make sure that you have the tools, the specimen and the experiment sheet.

2. Which of the following sentences contains an appositive?

  • A. Lito, the boy who returned the wallet he found, was praised by his teachers.
  • B. This sentence contains a subject, a verb and a direct object.
  • C. If you happen to meet her, please tell her the directors are in the conference room.
  • D. I want to buy that pretty skirt, which is on sale today.

3. Which of the sentences below contains the correct preposition?

  • A. His controversial statement will result to a lot of criticism.
  • B. Let’s meet at around three o’clock.
  • C. Can I ask a favor of you?
  • D. It’s difficult to cope up the situation.

4. Which sentence states the idea clearly and has no structural error?

  • A. Red, Gina and I will be going to the party on Sunday.
  • B. Me and Mila should start working on our thesis.
  • C. He hadn’t been him self lately.
  • D. The book which is on the desk is mine.

5. Supply the missing verb: The student was sad because he was ________ for his late submission of his school project.

  • A. called off
  • B. called up
  • C. called back
  • D. called down

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  1. A (A comma should be placed before “but” because it is a compound sentence. Remember to add a comma when two independent clauses are joined by the FANBOYS (coordinating conjunctions).
  2. A (An appositive is set off by commas. “the boy who returned the wallet he found” is an appositive.)
  3. C (A. “result to” should be “result in”; B. “at around” is wrong. “At” means exact while “around” is an estimate. We can either say “at three o’clock” or “around three o’clock.”; D. “cope up” should be “cope with”. C. We usually hear people say “favor from you”, but “favor of you” is correct [check Celce-Murcia’s The Grammar Book].)
  4. A (B.“Me and Mila” should be “Mila and I” because the pronoun is in the subject position; C. “him self” should be “himself”; D. “which is on the desk” is an appositive, therefore, it should be set off by commas.
  5. D (A. Called off means to cancel; B. Call up means to bring up/retrieve from memory; C. Call back means to return call; D. call down means to reprimand)

Brush up your knowledge on the rules of the English language! There are a lot of resources online to help re-acquaint you with English grammar. As an example, EduFind can help you review at your own level and pace. It provides a list of grammar topics and provides an ample discussion/summary of each rule.

Enjoy reviewing! Top the LET.

About Joanne Mejia

Joanne Mejia is a MindGym alumni who garnered Top 10 rank in the March 2012 LET. She is a graduate of the University of the Philippines. She currently leads in the preparation of review materials for coaching MindGym LETers with English as a specialization for LET. She also coaches for Professional Education subjects like Art of Questioning and Classroom Management.

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      @ Janneth Facturan: We sent your book yesterday through Xend. Here’s the tracking number: 682187499. It takes 3-4 days shipping to Zamboanga. You just paid yesterday.

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    Hello, I just want to know if your book is still available and how can have it? and to whom will I pay? How is the mode of payment. Thank you.

  6. Edna May 2015/01/07 at 6:44 pm #

    Hello, I just want to know if your book is still available and how I can have it? and to whom will I pay? How is the mode of payment. Thank you.

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    • MindGym 2016/01/28 at 6:10 pm #

      Hi Jam, thank you for your interest in joining MindGym LET review 🙂 We’ll post schedules for the September classes around April 2016. Please also “Like” our Facebook page so you can be updated with our LET class schedules:

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      Hi Leo, yes I think your Specialization would be Social Studies. You may confirm this at PRC once you apply for the LET. Do you have your 18 education units already?

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