MindGym LET Top Tips: Topnotcher Noel Carena says “sleep more”

“The nicest thing for me is sleep, then at least I can dream.” -Marilyn Monroe

For someone like me who barely had four hours of sleep for the past months, trying to meet everyone’s needs at MindGym, Noel Carena’s tips for MindGym LETers below, has been a welcome reminder to sleep more.

“I took my LET in 2010, and although my passing can be described as ‘with flying colors’, there’s one thing I would have done differently.

I would have spent the eve of the exam sleeping off the day believing that a well-rested brain is crucial in acing as big an exam as the LET.
Because, seriously, the hoped-for ‘gain’ you’d get cramming in a day or two might even harm you more as this might jeopardize your ability to remember your previous learning. A well-rested brain settles every prior learning to its place in your memory bank for efficient retrieval later – and you’d feel good as you would then be seeing clearly, reading clearly, thinking clearly.

So take a day off prior to the exam, relax your brain, psych yourself up for one of the biggest events in your life. Sleep, and get lots of it.”

With 5 days to go before LET day on September 29, it would be wise to squeeze in more hours of sleep even if you are tempted to stay awake holding your power workbooks and drill sheets. Remember that sleep has long been proven to reduce stress, improve one’s memory, spur creativity, increase endurance, improve grades, and sharpen attention (and even, make one look younger and more beautiful).

P.S. If you feel like sleeping when you are at your LET room and doing your LET items, go ahead and sleep to refresh your mind and give you extra memory power. Nothing could be more devastating than answering with a sleepy mind. You will just commit mistakes you’d surely regret. Remember to bring an alarm clock to wake you up so you won’t sleep for more than 15 minutes! Yes, a power nap would go a long way for you LET topnotcher/passer!

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