Online LET Review 2014

Get anytime, anywhere access to over 3,500 review drills and resources for General and Professional Education, your Specialization, and a Mock LET.

My Review Coach, MindGym Philippines’ online LET review program, has helped coach seven topnotchers since 2011, recorded an 80-85% passing rate, and favorable experience feedback.

Our Php 2,950 basic online LET review package includes any time, any day, as-much-as-you-can access to the following:

  • 3,500 LET practice items for General Education, Professional Education, and your individual Specialization. Immediately track your scores on all answered drills.
  • Summary notes and references on General Education, Professional Education, and your individual Specialization. Provided to enhance previous lessons from your undergraduate Education units.
  • Consultation with MindGym coaches via monthly pre-scheduled Skype chats with co-reviewees, and email for inquiries, clarifications, and discussions on LET trends.
  • Weekly Coach’s Notes – Receive additional weekly LET tips, insights, and news straight to your email inbox.
  • Final Mock LET time-simulated exam which will train you to complete the LET within the time allotted.
  • Exclusive discounts on MindGym’s LET review offerings

Online LET Review sample test

Technical requirements: a computer, Internet access, any internet browser, Adobe Acrobat Reader (this is free and is usually installed in your computer too; if not your computer will download it for you), a notepad program, and a dedicated actual notebook where you may scribble down notes or questions you need to ask our coaches.

You may check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for additional information.

You will receive your access as soon as we confirm your payment (within 24 hours).

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MyReviewCoach - Online LET Review

Why Use MyReviewCoach?

Increased chances in passing (and topping) the LET

Our online LET review program has helped coach seven topnotchers* since 2011, recorded an 80-85% passing rate, and favorable experience feedback.

Comprehensive review materials and notes used by our LET topnotchers

Access to review materials used by MindGym Philippines’ LET topnotchers, updated regularly to mimic the most recent LET. Focus your time and review efficiently for LET.

Money and time savings

Convenience of reviewing at your own time, pace and place (so you can work, teach, study, and perform your personal roles while reviewing for LET)


Timely feedback on your performance, progress, and LET readiness

On time feedback about your performance, progress and LET readiness (to keep you on track of your review schedule and targets)

Interaction with fellow reviewees and coaches


Added confidence at a reasonable price!


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