May “K” ka ba sa K-12?: Looking deeper (part 2 of 10)

You’ve peeked into the historical context and the players in the K-12 reform in Part 1.  Here, let’s take a closer look at K-12.

Coach Albert’s Thoughts About the K-12:

Looking Deeper

DepEd said that the intention of the K-12 is not just to add two years of schooling but more importantly to enhance the basic education curriculum (DepEd, 2010).

When I attended the annual membership meeting of the Philippine Business for Education  (PBED), I heard Secretary Armin Luistro explain the goals of the K-12. These are:

1. Decongest the curriculum to improve mastery of basic competencies;

2. Ensure seamlessness of primary, secondary, and post-secondary competencies;

3. Improve teaching through the use of enhanced pedagogies and medium of instruction; and

4. Expand job opportunities by reducing jobs-skills mismatch and provide better preparation for higher learning (Luistro, 2012).

The K-12 initiative is not new. Way back 2006, when the Basic Education Sector Reform Agenda (BESRA) was implemented, a 12-year basic education cycle has already been a key reform target (KRT). The achievement of the KRT sought to ensure that the structure and program of formal basic education, within the framework of K-12, is adequate and sufficiently responsive to legal and other formal requirements of employment.  Take note that the government actually fastracked the K-12 implementation to comply with international standards such as the Washington Accord signed in 1989 and the Bologna Accord of 1999.

Apparently, the government was already paving  the way for a 12-year basic education cycle in the Philippines several years ago.

With the resources (teachers, classrooms, armchairs, textbooks) needed to effectively run the program, is the Philippines ready for the K-12?

We’ll know in Part 3.

{In case you missed Part 1:  Looking Back, click here.

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