Part 6 of 10 May “K” ka ba sa K-12?: Why TLE Teachers should go to TESDA?

Coach Albert’s Thoughts About the K-12

Why are TLE teachers being required by DepEd to enrol in TESDA training programs?

The embedment of tech-voc courses in the K-12 should follow the standards of TESDA’s training regulations (or TR). Conforming to TESDA standards will ensure higher absorptive capacity for students since these TRs were developed in accord with industry requirements. While the DepEd is the main agency involved in the K-12, RA 10533 provides that DepEd shall coordinate with CHED and TESDA in the formulation of the enhanced basic education curricula”;hence, the need for tec-voc courses to conform with TESDA TRs.

TESDA wants to make sure that students from grades 7 to 10 in the K-12 framework would possess a COC (Certificate of Competency) at the minimum and an NC (National Qualification) I and II at the end junior high

At the SHS level, students should possess employable skills of higher qualifications or at the minimum, an NC I. For TESDA-certified students, these certificates will serve as a passports to employment. Thus, once and individual is TESDA-certified, it means that he/she is competent in the set of knowledge and skills desirable in a given workplace. Depending on the breadth, depth and scope of competency, a qualification may fall under national certificate level I, II, III, or IV.  According to a national study, six out of ten tech-voc graduates land into jobs six months to one year after graduation; this is a relatively shorter time than what it would take an ordinary college graduate.

In the K-12, not just any TLE teacher can teach tec-voc.  Based on TESDA guidelines, one can only become a trainor or tec-voc teacher if one possesses an NC and he/she can be an assessor of tec-voc students only if he/she has taken the Training Methodology (TM)  course. This matches the tripod of TESDA work: training, assessment, and certification).

TESDA agrees with the proposed tech-voc track in K-12 since the incorporation of tech-voc courses beginning new HS year 1 is consistent with the goals of TESDA in advancing tec-voc education in the country. Offering exploratory TLE, and eventually, specializations in the career pathway does not run counter with the goals of promoting the acquisition of vocational skills suited to various vocational or work domains (Bernardo, 2004).

The assurance that K-12 graduates will have greater chances of getting employed through the initial agreements made by DepEd with business organizations, chambers of commerce, and industries make K-12 more acceptable to TESDA. (Links with the industries and employers is very crucial to ensure the employability of K-12 graduates. DepEd needs the support of the business community for the proposed the on-the-job training of SHS students).

The intention of DepEd to conduct a matching of competency requirements and standards to ensure that K-12 graduates will possess the necessary skills needed by the labor market  is a recognition of the crucial role of TESDA in the K-12.

What is non-negotiable for TESDA? That the curriculum from new HS years 1 through 6 should enable the students to acquire COCs and NCs in accordance with the training regulations (TRs) of TESDA. So, TLE teachers get you NCs soon for TLE subjects you want to teach.


(To be continued)

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4 Responses to Part 6 of 10 May “K” ka ba sa K-12?: Why TLE Teachers should go to TESDA?

  1. Jean Ong 2014/11/26 at 10:11 am #

    Hi Coach Albert, ‘Still waiting for parts 7 to 10 🙂

  2. caroline bagasona 2015/04/18 at 9:14 pm #

    i’m tle major but i teach values Education,that’s why i have no experience in teaching TLE. this coming June i decided to prepare or to teach my major instead of VE. can you help me how to get NCII or how to attend seminars and training. my major in college is BSMarketing (TLE Entrep)

    • MindGym 2015/04/21 at 1:15 pm #

      Hi Caroline, are you a licensed professional teacher already?

  3. Gwyneth Fransis 2015/05/29 at 1:56 am #

    Hello there! I agree with this. With the new curriculum, TLE teachers should be fully equiped.Im also checking on what trainings and certificates I need to get so I will have an edge over the others come ranking days. May I know what u can suggest? I am a graduate of BS Information Technoloy and took DPE. I just passed the LET and am now looking forward to get hired by DepEd.