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20 things I did for LET

Here are my experiences and practices when I was a LETer to hopefully help those who are still confused where to start or how to keep going and reach their LET goals.. or at least end up with a high rating like mine!

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September 2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers: MindGym Topnotchers and Passers

Congratulations, new teachers! Check out our complete list of passers for the September 2013 LET.

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Four Top Tips to Better Study Groups

Study groups can be tricky—they can either be productive or make you end up wishing you just reviewed alone. Here are four practical tips to make the most out of study groups.

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To you, who didn’t make it

Smile. Yes, you still can. This was how we welcomed you at MindGym months ago. This is how we’ll continue to care until you make it as a professional teacher, for as long as you keep trying.

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My LET Story: Nepheline Perez

Discover how online entrepreneur/avid reader/practical future teacher Nepheline saved up and juggled two businesses while reviewing. An inspiring read to those planning to study while working, or even just making the most out of precious time and resources.

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My LET Story: Emelyn Saraza

Emelyn did not think twice about enrolling at MindGym. The next big question was how will she be able to enroll with her family’s tight budget, with four kids in mind.

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My LET Story: Jade Leonor

Jade, a UP Diliman graduate, is September 2013’s nationwide top 2 LET examinee. She shares her unique journey from topnotcher-potential “discovery” to the finished result.

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Three-Day LET Power Coaching January 2014

Recap and refresh what you know in time for the January 2014 Licensure Examination for Teachers in this three-day refresher course.

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