My LET Story: Nepheline Perez

Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) is not an easy test. Don’t be fooled by people telling you not to study at all and just rely on your stock knowledge and you sure will pass the LET. They are wrong. Do not be mislead by people telling you that if it’s meant to be, you will pass and if it’s not meant to be, better luck next time. LET is not a matter of pure luck. LET is a matter of perseverance. The moment you convince yourself that LET is just as easy as your college quizzes, you will find yourself taking it again the following year.


Neph’s Journey at MindGym September 2013 LET Review

Passing and even having a high rating in the LET is not an accident. It is done with careful planning, actions and considerations. It is not done overnight; it is done with years of preparation. If you want to succeed in LET, I have 7 words for you:

Excellent preparation is the secret to success.

I reached my goal because of 3 things:

  1. Desire
  2. Action
  3. Faith

1: Desire

I have a burning desire to be a LET topnotcher. Since 2010, I told myself, my goal is not just to pass the LET but to TOP it or at least have a high rating. I’ll tell you how passionate I was to reach my dream. I started saving for my review in Mindgym Philippines as early as 2010. Back then, every semester I get money from my scholarship which I invest in my own business (Choconfections – chocolate candies). I save the money I got from the business and half of it I used to start another business (Wachuwant Shop – an online gift shop). Half of the money I earned from those two businesses I used in 2013 Mindgym Review and half of it I shared with my partner, Mico for buying stuff we need.


Neph receiving her reviewer book as a gift from her partner

I decided to attend Mindgym Review Sessions and told Mo/am Alice my desire to TOP the LET. All the coaches in Mindgym Philippines supported my desire. The emotional support is important because it gives your fire oxygen for combustion to happen, so instead of keeping your taking the LET a secret, tell it to your family and friends so you could receive emotional or even financial support as well. I did that and it worked! Yes, I have saved money for my review, but I don’t have enough money for my stay in Quezon City. What I did is I told my mom not to have a celebration for my graduation, but to let me use the money for my stay in the metro instead.

You might probably ask me, “Why do you need to TOP? You can just pass the test and go on with your life. They are just the same!” My answer would be, “If you would be thinking anyway, think BIG!”

I dream of topping the LET.

Aim to TOP coz’ if you don’t make it, you pass. Do not just aim to pass coz’ if you miss it, you fail.

If you have your great passion and desire to achieve your goal, then you will have no difficulty on doing the 2nd step which is Action.

2: Action

I told you earlier that to excel in the LET or any other exams require years of preparation. I said years because you cannot just take the exam without earning a degree or certificate in education. My desire is to make it to the top and in order to do that, I must make a lot of adjustments and sacrifices.

My plan is to work for the government right after passing/topping the LET. My mom and dad told me not to apply for a job in the private schools because I need to sign a contract to stay there for a year or two. It may take away my chance of working in the government/DepEd. I really wanted to work and earn money but I need to be firm on my decision. I could not serve two masters at the same time. I could not work as a teacher and review for the LET at the same time. I know my strengths and weaknesses and I know that if I work, chances are, I pass the test but may not be able to reach my goal which is to be one of the best.

Luckily, I have supportive parents and more luckily, I earn from my businesses with little effort. So I need not to work. Why would I work when I can earn the same amount of my would-be salary from my present business? Thank God, I have prepared for it in advanced.

When I was reviewing, I was a voracious learner. If I didn’t understand a concept, I would not stop until I get it. And I do not stop there, I try to dig deeper. When I answer a question and found myself wrong, I examine not only the correct answer but all the other choices as well. I believe that it is not only the right answer that I need to know, but also the reason I was mislead to answer wrongly in the first place. I went to different quiz sites and answered all the items I could find. I made sure that I have perfected every MindGym drill before moving to the next topic.

I had one goal, to reduce my weak areas while keeping my strengths more rooted. Our coaches suggest us to allot at least one or two hours of our time to reviewing. I did that and more. I allotted 3 hours reading/reviewing and 2 hours to taking quizzes/drills. I spent the remaining hours doing house chores, praying, sleeping, eating, writing stories, blog, managing our online businesses, etc.

Don’t be scared, if you cannot allot 5 hours, 1 hour a day may be enough. We all have different capacities and it’s just that my case is different from yours (it takes time in order for me to absorb knowledge fully). Do you think I’m missing out the fun? Not really. I watch movies, check Facebook, laugh, play, attend seminars, and go on dates during the weekends to reward myself after accomplishing my desire/task. I believe that all work and no play is suicide.

Sometimes, I feel I can’t understand what I am reading even if I tried for hours. So, I step back and meditate. I do exercise or I take a nap or eat a healthy meal or most especially, I pray for God’s guidance. I enjoy what I do. One trick, “if it ain’t fun, don’t do it!” Does this mean you’ll not study for the exam because you hate reading or studying? No, you find ways to make it fun. Have a study group, invite friends who support you, once in a while play games, and ask your parent or sibling to quiz you on items. You do not need to be alone in order to win. You need to follow your bliss or if you cannot, tame it and let it follow you.

You might be asking, “Do I really have to study as much as you?” The main reason why I study a lot is my major. Being an English major is difficult; not that I am belittling other specialization but simply because English is my waterloo.

When I was in high school, I excel in Math and Sciences but I chose to major in English. I wanted to challenge myself and try to live a different world that requires more reading, speaking, listening, viewing, and writing.

When I was starting my review in MindGym, I was challenged once again because most topnotchers are Science, Math, and Values majors. Coaches even told us that PRC makes the Exam for English Majorship difficult because we already have a language advantage (the test is written in English) to be fair for other majors taking the test. This is the reason why I need to take an extra mile in reviewing for our majorship exam; especially the literature part.

How can I read all the great works in just 5 months and memorize those authors, themes, ideas, time, and awards? I was frustrated. If the coaches themselves think that the Exam for English majors is difficult, what more for us who would be taking the exam? Some of my co-LET takers are frightened and they even say it is impossible for us to top the LET. But there is one person that made me passionate to excel: coach Joanne Mejia (Top 10 English Major).

Review with English coach Joanne Mejia, a MindGym alumni and LET topnotcher as well

Review with English coach Joanne Mejia, a MindGym alumni and LET topnotcher as well

I told myself, if she can do it, so can I. I conditioned my mind that it is not impossible for an English Major to TOP the LET. Yes, it is difficult, but NOT impossible. I believe that if I can see it with my mind’s eye, I can achieve it. Period.

3: Faith

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About Nepheline Khaye Karenn Perez

Nepheline Perez is a MindGym reviewee from Batch 1 of Summer 2013. She is a writer, blogger, and a home-based entrepreneur. Neph is now a licensed professional teacher after she passed the September 2013 LET exam.
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