Four Top Tips to Better Study Groups

A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people. —Will Rogers


1. Organize a study group but don’t let it turn into a social gathering.

I make sure time is well-spent. When discussing a topic, if the conversation goes far beyond what is needed, I redirect the discussion to what is important. I allow friendly chats but only during break time (snack and lunch).

2. Set up a list or outline of topics or problems to be discussed and solved together.

DSCF9179 nephI prepared the drills in advanced and I made sure my peers have read them (pdf files we got from our school) prior to our session so that time will not be wasted lecturing for the topic, instead we can proceed on doing the drills. Make your discussion fun by dividing your members into groups and have a sort of a Quiz Bee. Even would be teachers like us loves competition. Don’t forget the prizes and incentives winners will get!


3. Make sure everyone is on the same wavelength.

I make it a point that each member can follow in the discussion. If there is any unclear area of study, we dig deeper to make sure we all understand the concept. Never go on to the next level without mastering the first one. We did this in our math review. I love the result because once most of my peers have understood the operations, they are the ones who tutor the others. I can save energy and we can save time because I get help in building scaffold for those who fall short from those who already mastered the techniques.


4. Track the progress of the meeting as you give each other the boost you need.

I make sure we follow the schedule and we divided and use our time wisely. When people give up on some items because of difficulty, we take short breaks to massage each other’s back, meditate, take a quick stroll around the site, eat brain food, stretch, or take a quick power nap. At the end of each session, we give each other affirmations to uplift our spirit. This way, we get energized to do the next drills with confidence!

About Nepheline Khaye Karenn Perez

Nepheline Perez is a MindGym reviewee from Batch 1 of Summer 2013. She is a writer, blogger, and a home-based entrepreneur. Neph is now a licensed professional teacher after she passed the September 2013 LET exam.
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