What to Bring and Wear for LET Day

With four days to go before the January 2014 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET), it’s wise that you reduce anxiety for the upcoming LET by organizing the things you’ll need for the big day.

This way, there’d be no rush to the mall, the grocery, or the bookstore for things forgotten. It would also ease the anxiety that there remains a “to-do” waiting to be crashed out in your list.

Without further ado, here are PRC and MindGym’s checklists of things to bring on your exam day:

PRC’s Official List of LET-day Requirements

  1. Notice of Admission (Or your NOA. Make sure that your name and specialization are correct when you receive the PRC Notice usually a week to 10 days before the LET.  Don’t worry if you have not received any mail yet.  PRC usually posts Room Assignments online way ahead of your receipt by snail mail.)
  2. PRC Official Receipt (when you applied for the LET)
  3. Two or more sharpened Mongol No. 2 pencils
  4. Ballpens with BLACK ink only (for the information sheet)
  5. One piece meter-stamped window envelope (which you better buy at PRC to avoid hassles)
  6. One piece long brown envelope
  7. One piece long transparent (non-colored) plastic envelope

MindGym Coaches & Alumni Suggestions of Things to bring for the LET

  1. Yes, you can! MindGym badge (which many wore like a reminder, an amulet or a lucky charm on LET day) to give your EXTRA confidence. (After doing your best at MindGym’s intensive LET coaching, we hope the Pygmalion effect works again!)
  2. Light food and drinks: energy bars (Quaker, Nature Valley, Nestle) and drinks (Gatorade, Lipovitan, Red Bull); mentos (for fresh breath); your favorite “feel good” food to give you a lift (chocolates or sweets); WATER
  3. Wrist watch and/or alarm clock  that you have to synchronize time with proctor. MindGym alumni Joel Javier wouldn’t have missed the Top by a small 0.2% during his time if he didn’t rely on the room clock)
  4. Box of tissue paper (to catch your nose drips as Thets Garcia experienced but also to wipe your oily face, clean off dust from your desk, sanitize your restroom visits, and even dry your tears)
  5. If you are very sensitive to changes in temperature (as your coaches A & A are), bring a cotton jacket or for ladies, a big scarf — so that you can make yourself comfortable despite the temperature extremes. Since most rooms you’ll be assigned to are relatively warm, wear cotton shirts if possible so you won’t be sweating.
  6. For ladies, bring sanitary napkin so you won’t feel uneasy just in case you unexpectedly bleed due to stress.
  7. Biogesic and loperamide (in case your body reacts to test anxiety) and band-aid (in cases of paper cut)
  8. Healthy body, happy feelings, positive mindset, and prayerful hopes.
  9. Of course, a calculator (that you have practiced using for your Math drills)
MindGym White Collared Embroidered T-Shirt for LET

MindGym White Collared Embroidered T-Shirt for LET (available here)

What To WEAR on LET day

  • MALE – school uniform/white polo shirt or T-shirt (tucked-in)
  • FEMALE – school uniform/white blouse or T-shirt

Be sure to use comfortable shoes (that you can remove and put on easily) and clean fresh socks of course.

If you have poor eyesight, get an eyeglasses or contacts properly fitted.  It’s not a joke to be answering 450 items for 8 hours.


We hope these help you out, and good luck in the exam!

About Mo/am Alice

As Education Administrator/Director of MindGym, she tackles the center’s day-to-day affairs and gives its learners the warmth, care, and support that only the “heart” could afford to deliver. As one of the main coaches for MindGym’s Intensive Coaching for LET, she infuses practical lessons not only for LET success but for life as a teacher. She vows to be a lifelong learner. Follow her on Twitter.

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