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Dear future teachers,

In less than two weeks, you will be taking your licensure exam. The BIG DAY is fast approaching.

How are you doing at this point in time? Have you set your LET goal/s? Have you reached your target number of study hours? Have you finished answering your drills?

Whether you feel ready or not just yet, there is still time to brush up on some topics that you feel you need to work on. Some of you may start to feel a rising anxiety level due to different factors like lack of time, juggling work/school/family responsibilities.

Remember you do not need to view the LET as a big, dark, menacing cloud looming ahead of you. Take a moment to breathe, close your tired eyes, and place your hand close to your heart. Then, say this slowly to yourself, as if reciting a mantra, “I will pass the LET exam. I will be a professional teacher. YES, I can!” Affirmation really helps you to gain confidence and it brings out the best in you.

To help you further in your LET journey, here are some memorable tips from one of our high-raters last September 2013, Ikka Llantada Garcia. —coach Alice.


Some photos from Ikka’s LET journey at MindGym

To help you out in your LET journey, here are some tips for your LET success:

1. Identify your goals. Write and share them!

Have yourself move towards the end in mind — passing the LET. Write down daily or weekly goals, set you target rating and rank, and write what you hope to achieve after the LET. Remember that your journey should not end after passing the LET. It is just the beginning of greater, brighter things as a professional teacher.

Make sure to identify long-term goals as well. For example, you may want to work in underprivileged communities, or you may want to pursue further studies in special education, or may even want to build your own school someday.

However, keep in mind that goal-setting is not merely jotting them down on paper and ticking them off your list once you completed them. Setting a goal should also create a change in you for the long haul. More importantly, commit yourself to your goals to achieve maximum results. You can have twenty goals on paper, but if you are not committed, nothing will happen.

When I was reviewing, I wrote down my goals and target rating. I wasn’t expecting it, but my actual LET rating is the same as my target rating 🙂 I still can’t believe that I am a high-rater.

2. Ask yourself “Why?”

Why should you pass the LET? Why do you want to be a topnotcher? Why do you want to teach? These are big questions, but these very questions could be your source of inspiration especially when you feel like giving up or doubting yourself. These questions will help fuel your desire to be a productive and successful professional teacher.

3. Trust and believe in yourself.

If you can’t believe in miracles, then believe in yourself. When you want something bad enough, let that drive push you to make it happen. Sometimes you’ll run into brick walls that are put there to test you. Find a way around them and stay focused on your dream. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.—Isabel Lopez, Isabel’s Hand-Me-Down Dreams

Sometimes, we can be our own greatest enemy. We criticize and doubt ourselves, we compare ourselves from others, and we wallow in self-pity and surround ourselves with negativity. However, we can also be our own greatest fan. We can be our own best friend, our own spotlight. You might be the only one hindering yourself from success. So, as cliché as it may sound, always believe in yourself and in the immense talent that you possess. Recognize your skills and nurture positive views.

You may be the only person left who believes in you, but it’s enough. It takes just one star to pierce a universe of darkness. Never give up. Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway

4. Have a little faith

Believe in the power of prayer and faith. There are days in your LET journey when you will just feel too exhausted and drained to do anything. The best action to do is to engage yourself in prayer or meditation. Read the Bible or some devotionals. Go to Church. Sing your worship songs. Whatever higher power you believe in, just have faith.

All things are possible to him who has faith. —Mark 9:23 BBE

5. Personalize your learning

As teachers, we know of the different learning styles or multiple intelligences. We all have different ways of learning and absorbing information. Assess yourself. What type of learner are you? Are you a visual learner? Maybe you can use colorful pens and highlighters to mark, write, and doodle on your reviewers. Are you an aural learner? Try playing some soothing classical music to aid your study sessions.

Personally, I found the use of mindmaps to be effective.

I also posted many notes on my bedroom wall:

Remember that you have the power to personalize your study space according to your needs. Set the best time, mood, and environment to get the best results.


6. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses

What subject/s do you excel in? Are you adept in computing numbers? Are you good in reading comprehension? Know which topics you have already mastered and know which ones need further review.

Think of your “unfair advantage”. In my case, I’d like to think that my unfair advantage is my previous experience in taking a two-day board exam (for nurses) some years back. Thus, I already have an idea what to expect on the day of the exam.

Little things like being familiar with the general instructions on exam day, and the ambience in a testing site made me feel a bit more confident. I also listed English, reading comprehension, and anatomy and physiology (in the Bio. Majorship part) as my strengths. I also gave attention to my weak points like Math, History, and the fact that I only took 18 units of professional education subjects. This helped me to know which areas to focus on.

7. Take care of your body.

It is essential to have a healthy and fit body while reviewing so that you are 100% charged to perform your tasks. Do not neglect what your body tells you. Take a nap, eat some snacks, and stretch your arms and limbs when needed. There is no use in pushing yourself to read your reviewers if you are sick, hungry, or sleepy. Eat balanced meals, take your vitamins and supplements, exercise, sleep. Personally, I tried to eat well during the review and I did some light yoga and meditation.

If you have physical ailments that need attention (dental/optical needs for example), make sure to visit your physician as soon as possible so you won’t end up like me who had to endure weeks of incapacitation due to vertigo/migraine AND wisdom tooth extraction (Chuckles).

8. Practice!

Test-taking skills are important too. Make sure to answer all your drills and take note of the time it takes for you to finish a set. There is a time limit for each part in the LET. Hopefully, by now you can already gauge how long it takes you to finish a 150-item test.

Since the LET is a multiple-choice test, you can make use of the process of elimination for the given choices. Start by crossing off the answers that are wrong. Then focus on the possible correct choices before you select your final answer. Don’t be afraid to write on your test questionnaire. You can underline important keywords in the question. I did this in both the Nurses’ Licensure Exam and the LET and I found that this has helped me lot. And do not forget to READ the questions very carefully. Read them more than once, if necessary. Also, do not leave anything to chance. Do not leave anything unanswered.

And for those who are not so good in Math and computation, make sure to devote time to practice solving. I devoted some days solely for practicing Math problems until I finally gained understanding.

9. Have a “LET Arsenal” a.k.a. materials/tools to aid in your review

It can get a bit boring if you just use your books and handouts on a daily basis. To spice things up, you can use colorful paper or sticky notes to add important information you dare not forget. Colored index cards can also be helpful.

I used highlighters and neon colored pencils to underline, mark, and doodle my notes. You also need pencils, ballpens, sharpener, eraser, and of course, a calculator (make sure it is part of the list of allowable calculators posted in the PRC site). You can also include your favorite energy drink, granola bar, or mint candy to your LET arsenal.

10. Take Action.

While it is wonderful to imagine yourself as a successful teacher, it is not enough to simply sit and dream about it. You should make a conscious effort to transform all your dreams and desires into tangible reality. Remember that there is no success without action. If you are one of those people who still have not found time to review because of your work or other responsibilities, you can still catch up. If you can devote the remaining week solely for review and perhaps join MindGym’s three-day Power Coaching, you can still catch up. What is important is for you to take action now.

There you have it. Ten tips for your LET success. I hope that you can find some, if not all of these tips helpful. Let me now share two of my favorite Bible verses to inspire you:

Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you.–Psalm 37:5

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. –Philippians 4:13

About Ikka Garcia

Ikka Llantada Garcia is one of MindGym's High-Raters in the September 2013 LET. She is not only a Professional Teacher but also a registered nurse.

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