The Things I Did to TOP the LET

Passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) isn’t an easy thing to do; it requires hard work and perseverance – and a lot more. I was really lucky to have found MindGym Philippines and be surrounded by people who continuously motivated and inspired me.

I am truly grateful for all the advice and tips I received from them. Now, it is my turn. I hope that sharing the things I did during my LET journey would help other LETers succeed as well.

Jade's actual LET goal, a page from her LETers' Choice book

Jade’s actual LET goal, a page from her LETers’ Choice book

Aim high.

Before I joined MindGym, my target rating was 85%. Being a topnotcher never crossed my mind. But by the day we wrote our LET goal, Coach Alice’s belief that I could top the LET and Coach Albert’s motivational talk made me dream big. I set my goal to 95%. I wanted to make history.

Later, I aimed higher and changed it to 98%—so that if I fall short of my target, I would still have around 95% rating. I even imagined my picture to be among the MindGym topnotchers in the cover of our workbooks. Sometimes aiming high and dreaming big is a little daunting. But it sure is worth it!

Develop your metacognitive skills.

How do you learn? How do you absorb knowledge? I wrote notes over and over again. It’s my way of processing information and retaining them. I knew that my memorization skill was not to be trusted, so Coach Albert’s tips for boosting memory power were really helpful. I made lots of mnemonics for different concepts from General Education to Professional Education. Observe your own learning style. Find ways on how you can learn more effectively.

Index cards always help in memorization

Index cards always help in memorization

Do lots of drills.


I didn’t encircle my answers or write anything on my reviewers. I just had a separate notebook and papers for my answers so that I could answer them again next time. But be sure you don’t do mere rote memorization. Review the answers and the rationale behind them. Two weeks before the exam, all I did were drills – hundreds of drill items in a day. If you can, try to track your scores. Seeing your progress would give you extra confidence and motivation.

Think positively.

The thought that ‘topping the LET – among thousands of aspiring teachers all over the country – is such a big dream’ would suddenly enter my mind, and I would feel so pressured and hopeless. Though I can look confident, fear of failure was sometimes creeping inside me. But I did my very best to fight that fear. I prayed and asked God for His guidance and blessings. I prayed the rosary and asked for Mama Mary’s intervention.

I found inspiration from the stories and advice of LET winners. I really treasured a message from Teacher Jean Millare, September 2010 LET Top 1:

Choose beautiful and loving thoughts. God’s thoughts for you.

I read and reread the affirmations and notes written by my friends and coaches from MindGym. I even wrote notes for myself, too! I thought of my parents, to whom I would offer my success.

jade leonor - affirmation page

Jade’s LET Affirmation Page

Have fun.

Whenever my brain couldn’t absorb any more information, I took a break – I read novels or watched the story of Maya and Sir Chief! During the review, I made friends, shared stories and laughed with them. I remember our table to be always full of snacks. I participated in the activities and had fun. Your LET journey shouldn’t be all work. Play, too! Make it memorable and be sure to enjoy it! 🙂

Comfort food!

Comfort food!

All photos courtesy of Jade Leonor

About Jade Leonor

Jade, a UP Diliman graduate, is September 2013′s nationwide top 2 LET examinee.


3 Responses to The Things I Did to TOP the LET

  1. Ron 2014/02/02 at 8:49 am #

    Wow! thank you for sharing this Ate/ Ma’am Jade.. I’m from a State U here in Bulacan, 2nd year student. And, I’m looking forward taking the LET when our time comes… I promised myself to enter MindGym when I graduate. Dream bigger! Thank you.. :))

  2. khel 2014/05/06 at 10:26 am #

    wow very inspiring, hope that I can do the same…..

  3. rholyn 2015/08/18 at 8:57 pm #

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You’re such an inspiration to aspiring teachers. Wishing to follow your footsteps.