“Go to the dentist” and other last-minute tips from MindGym LETers

We're counting hours before the January 2014 LET / Image courtesy of MindGym's Aleli

Counting hours before the January 2014 LET!
Image by MindGym’s Aleli

To the January 2014 LET-taker,

Three days’ time from now marks one of THE most grueling, memorable days you’ll have as a student-teacher as you take the Licensure Examination for Teachers. The important question on everyone’s mind now is:

Am I ready?

Perhaps you are in need of some life-saving, last-minute LET tips?

Our tips collection below is for 2014 LET-takers to disover a gem of  advice or two from previous reviewees’ experiences. Check out their full experience and tips by clicking the link beside their names:

Budget your time to cram for essential lessons (which still give you jitters) and to go over last minute LET notes (which your coaches at MindGym continue to email, text or post on Facebook).

mo/am Alice in How to Handle LET Anxieties the MindGym Way

Go to the dentist… What I am speaking here is about the minor irritations that might affect your performance in the actual exam—the small stuff that make you sweat so much.

Jayson Calventas, Top 7 September 2010, Go to the Dentist and Top the LET

I really make it a point to read at least one topic a day, not pressuring myself to know EVERYTHING in one sitting. Reading a lot is good, but analyzing and understanding the concepts is way better.

Rencel Dotollo, September 2013 LET-passer, in Just P.U.S.H. = Pray Until Something Happened

..worrying and losing sleep will just make you miserable and your LET journey more painstaking.. I know that avoiding stress is hard to achieve at this point. So, look for an outlet.

Kneel Cantuba, September 2013 LET-passer, 15 Things You Wish You Know About Taking the Licensure Examination for Teachers

Always stay positive and believe in yourself that you surpass the stress and hindrances as you make your way to the journey of being a professional teacher.

Wilson Esguerra, via MindGymmies’ Gymmerish, 10 Ways To Survive and Pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers

Chill (Relax) – positive self-talk, affirmations, meditate.

Nepheline Perez of Teach with the Heart

Surround yourself with dreamers, believers and makers. / Lend A Hand.

Camille Anne Oringo in Camille’s LET 101

While it is wonderful to imagine yourself as a successful teacher, it is not enough to simply sit and dream about it. You should make a conscious effort to transform all your dreams and desires into tangible reality.

Ikka Garcia, September 2013 LET high-rater, in Ikka’s LET Tips

And one of our favorites:

Remember the bigger picture: What is your purpose and intent in taking the LET? Why do you want to become a teacher?

— in different iterations by recent LET topnotchers like Senen Pineda, Aileen Dacasin, Conrad Sotelo, and Jade Leonor

To those who already passed the LET,

Do you a personal practice for last-minute jitters that you’d like to share? Who knows, that tip save and make a passer! Kindly share yours below 🙂

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