A Pregnant Mom’s LET Journey

Mishiel LovaszI was 36 weeks pregnant when I started to review in MindGym. As a nursing mom, nothing can stop me from passing the LET, not even my postpartum recovery state.

Before I enrolled, I had very low self confidence that I will pass the LET. I was anxious because I’m not an education graduate, my undergrad course was BSHRM Hotel and Restaurant Mgt., and I graduated 12 years ago. But my strong will and determination pushed me to study hard.

I admit I was cramming during the last 2 weeks before the exam. Due to my condition, I didn’t have much time to attend the class and review my lessons at home. But I told myself that I need to focus and work hard to pass the LET.

Two weeks before the exam was crucial to me. That’s the only remaining time that I have to read the GenEd and ProfEd and tried to understand it by heart. During the Three Day Power Coaching, I listened carefully to our best coaches and tried to absorb important information as much as I can.

Others say that we should relax a week before the exam, but what happened to me was the exact opposite of it. For the second time around, I read the GenEd, ProfEd and TLE Reviewers. I also reviewed all the 3 practice drills and mock LET drills.

I admire our coaches for being smart, helpful and hardworking. I want to thank Coach Alice for being so supportive to me. I cannot forget her message after I told her how difficult the TLE Specialization exam was. She said “Claim that you already Passed“. This message gave me strength to hold on and to believe in myself that I can successfully pass the LET. And she was right, I did it!


Sabi nga nila “Swerte ang Buntis”.

Swerte plus MindGym equals LET PASSER!

Mishiel at MindGym LET coaching sessions

Mishiel at MindGym LET coaching sessions

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2 Responses to A Pregnant Mom’s LET Journey

  1. Ces 2014/06/20 at 2:17 pm #

    Hi po! Just wanna know how to review online po? I’m planning to take LET next year God permits.Hope to hear from you:)