Who’s who and what’s what: LET tops and their fields of Specialization for Secondary Level

MindGym LET Review January 2014 LET TopnotchersSix out of ten fields of specializations in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) have topnotchers: Mathematics, Social Studies, Physical Sciences, Filipino, English, and Agriculture and Fisheries Arts (AFA).  The latter three rarely turned out topnotchers over the past four years.

As expected, Mathematics majors still dominated the January 26, 2014 LET, claiming nine examinees in the top marks. Social Studies majors also crowded the list with six topnotchers including top 2, Zarina Villadolid (UPD).

None from Biological Sciences made it to the top 10 this batch compared to September 2013 when both Math and Biology majors shared all the top places with the exception of Social Studies major and MindGym alumnus Senen Nino Pineda (UPD) in rank 6.

Deidre Morales (UPD – Filipino) set a record when she emerged as Top 1 in LET secondary level. This could be the first time that a Filipino major ranked first in 19 years since the PRC started administering LET. Morales belongs to Batch 9 of MindGym’s Intensive Coaching for LET.

Morales’s batchmate at MindGym, Kevin Michael Angelo (AdMU – English), garnered the 10th spot. Angelo also set a record as the only English major who landed in the top 10 since Joanne Mejia, an alumna, now coach, at MindGym placed 10th in the March 2012 LET.

Narciso Lozada (University of Southern Philippines – Davao) deserves accolades from PRC and CHED for successfully garnering the 10th place. In 2012, Agriculture and Fisheries Arts fell at the bottom of the list of performance of examinees by specialization.

Deidre Morales and a Mathematics major, Eduard Pagtulon-an (Central Mindanao University) shared the first place with a rating of 88.4%.  The top ten for the LET secondary level and their fields of specialization are as follows:

1. Deidre Morales, UP Diliman (88.4% – Filipino)
Eduard Pagtulonan, Central Mindanao University (88.4% – Mathematics)
2. Zarina Villadolid, UP Diliman (88.2% – Social Studies)
3. Francis Dianne Lucido, Ateneo de Manila University (88% – Mathematics)
4. Marian Mie Alimo-ot, Central Philippine University (87.6% – Mathematics)
Ace Igana Sandigan, Dela Salle University (87.6% – Mathematics)
5. Ramon Cristobal, Central Colleges of the Philippines (87.20% – Mathematics)
6. Kathleen Lantin, Ateneo de Manila University (87% – Social Studies)
7. Paul Christopher Cheng, Ateneo de Manila University (86.8% – Social Studies)
Jennifer Grecia, UP Diliman (86.8% – Social Studies)
8. Lecrimar Esdrelon, Capitol University (86.6% – Social Studies)
Teresa Limpin, University of Sto Tomas (86.6% – Mathematics)
Hilario Salamida, University of the East (86.6% – Mathematics)
9. Albert Bayawa, Saint Louis University (86.4% – Mathematics)
Zaidi Ong, UP-Mindanao (86.4% – Social Studies)
10. Kevin Michael Angelo, Ateneo de Manila University (86.2% – English)
Narciso Lozada, University of Southern Philippines – Davao (86.2% – Agriculture and Fisheries Arts)
Sarah Veronica Macapagal, PNU-Manila (86.2% – Mathematics)
Loida Manuel, UP-Los Banos (86.2% – Mathematics)
Carla Mae Sumalinog, University of San Carlos (86.2% – Physical Science)


Since it started offering Intensive Coaching for LET four years ago, MindGym Philippines has been tracking the majorships or fields of specialization (FOS) of examinees topping the LET for strategic coaching.

Interestingly, MindGym noted that over the past four years, not a single specialist in Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE) nor Music, Arts, Physical Education, Health (MAPEH) has landed in the Top 10.

This may be expected due to the extraneous topics that a test taker needs to learn outside of his/her bachelor’s field of discipline to make it in the LET.  For example, a Business Economics graduate assigned to take TLE for a LET specialization may manage Business Math and Entrepreneurship but needs to learn Cosmetology, Carpentry, Masonry, Plumbing, Drafting, Electrical, Electronics, and Foods.

MindGym advocates that PRC Board of Professional Teachers consider the reporting of future rankings by majorship or fields of specialization for a more appropriate recognition of the efforts of LET examinees in making it to the top within their group. Clearly, in the teaching practice, professional differentiation and merit is based on subject or department groups.

What a better LET results announcement it would be to see all 10 specializations with their respective topnotchers!

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Albert is a coach and associate education director at MindGym. He graduated cum laude in his bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and diploma in Professional Education, both from the University of the Philippines.

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