LET-taker Labels: First-timer, Repeater.. Topnotcher


Can you guess who the LET first-timers or repeaters or topnotchers in this picture? A group of our January 2014 LETers

good day po.ano pong disadvantages kapag repeater ka?di na po ba pd maging topnotcher?or nagrereflect ba sa license yun?pls enlighten us for those who have same concerns.tnx po. —Jason

Hi Jason, good question!

The reason of finding out whether Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) takers are repeaters or first-timers is not to discriminate but to actually help both schools and student. How you may ask?

Teacher Education Institutions (TEI) Quality

PRC asks applicants if they are repeaters or first-timers as part of their information gathering and evaluation of Philippine Teacher Education Institutions (TEI).

If you’ll notice during LET results, information on schools’ overall performance are always included in PRC’s press release. This is one of PRC’s ways to keep track of the quality of colleges’ and universities’ Education programs and departments. A high passing rate on “first-timers” would likely mean that the school provides its students with a solid education foundation, vs other schools who got low passing rates.. etc.

Student Profiling

Secondly, for students knowing whether you’re a repeater or first-timer simply means more ease of documentation at PRC. If you are a repeater, it means that you have previously applied for the exam, and is therefore already profiled in PRC’s database. To avoid duplicates of profiles and unnecessary verification and hassles at PRC, it’s important to truthfully document whether you are a repeater or not.

If you think about it this way, declaring if you are a repeater or not is actually a “win-win” situation for students:

  • Students help PRC in pointing out where their schools can and should do better; therefore the school should increase their standards.
  • Coaches from LET review centers will be able to craft better and more detailed programs for their reviewees, so the student will be challenged differently and mistakes won’t be repeated anymore.


Coaches will find the information useful so they can tailor-fit their lessons according to the class' profile

Coaches will find the information useful so they can tailor-fit lessons according to the class’ profile (Source)

Finally you’ll be pleased to know that in the end, the teaching license does not discriminate whether you are a repeater or not. Once you get that license, you are officially a teacher! You worked for it, you learned from the “experience” whether repeater or not.. PRC has given you the blessing that you are ready to teach. Be proud and carry the torch with responsibility!

Some January 2014 LET Passers at our LET SAIL-ebration Victory Party (more photos)

Some January 2014 LET Passers at our LET SAIL-ebration Victory Party (more photos)

The LET Topnotcher

As for being a topnotcher—this is essentially “cherry” on top of a teachers’ career. It’s an official distinction awarded by PRC that one can carries with pride and responsibility.

LET Topnotchers — Coached, challenged and cared for at MindGym Philippines (as of January 2014 LET)

LET Topnotchers — Coached, challenged and cared for at MindGym Philippines (as of January 2014 LET)

On the “outside”

Being a topnotcher allows someone to immediately stand out among regular LET-passers. Topnotchers use this title to their own advantages, such as when applying for a promotion, getting hired to join their dream faculty, or even in setting up an education business.

Being a topnotcher turns heads and opens opportunities that are not available to everyone. For example in MindGym, our LET topnotchers and high-raters are invited to speak or lecture because they have external and obvious “proof” already that they understand concepts well enough to teach, or worked hard enough for it.

Topnotchers carry their titles with greater responsibility as well. Since they got higher rankings than most LET-takers, employers would in turn have stricter and higher expectations from them.

However not just because one is a topnotcher does it mean that it’s all red carpets and career fast-tracking. As with everyone else, they still need to “own it” and walk the talk: they still hunt for jobs and projects themselves, do teaching demos, face grueling panel interviews, etc.

On the “inside”

Coach Alice's "topnotcher magnet" photo (September 2012 LET)

Mo/am Alice‘s “topnotcher magnet” photo (September 2012 LET)

Every single one of our LET topnotchers said that they did it to prove to themselves that they are capable of achieving big things.

Being a topnotcher is a goal they set and worked hard on their own. As Coach Albert puts it, it’s a “selfish goal”. But if you think about it, just as with airplane flight safety: how can you help others if you haven’t helped yourself yet?

Topnotchers often have bigger, encompassing goals in life. Their LET journey and getting to know themselves in the process is but one important step towards their dreams or supporting something they believe in. Getting “hired” because of it or being the pride of the school/family are just extras 🙂

If you’d like to get to know more of how the “topnotcher mind” runs, we highly encourage you to get our Warm-Ups LETers’ Choice Book or read the articles they’ve written themselves:

Other inspiring stories

Finally we have a special letter for LET repeaters as well 🙂

We hope that this helps and inspires all LET reviewees out there! What other perks or insights can you share?

About MindGym

MindGym Philippines is a learning center directed by educators with the passion to teach, learn, care, and share the best! We offer licensure exam reviews, art workshops, and academic tutorials.

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9 Responses to LET-taker Labels: First-timer, Repeater.. Topnotcher

  1. elsie 2014/06/10 at 4:14 pm #

    Gud day! Ask ko lang po kung meron kayo branch na malapit sa cavite area? Im in bacoor. Thanks

    • MindGym 2014/06/11 at 12:32 pm #

      Hi Elsie! Our review center is only in Quezon City right now. Some of our reviewees are from Cavite and would commute home (or stay at family/transient dorm) when classes are done. Are you interested to join one of our classes? Please call us at 4375880. You may also consider joining our online LET review course for those who physically can’t make it to our center – http://www.myreviewcoach.com

  2. Marigold Comendador 2014/10/12 at 7:39 am #

    Ask lang po ako meron din ba kayong Review Center sa cebu?

    • MindGym 2014/10/14 at 2:08 am #

      Hi Marigold, we offer our online LET review program to those who can’t make it to our Manila center. You may check it out at http://www.myreviewcoach.com

  3. noli 2015/01/30 at 12:08 am #

    Panu ba mag file yung nasa abroad katulad ko nandito sa saudi,,gusto ko rin mag review kc nararamdaman ko na 100% ang pumapasa sa inyo,,

    • MindGym 2015/01/30 at 12:14 pm #

      Thank you Noli 🙂

      For those in Saudi, PRC conducts a Special Professional Licensure Board Examinations (SPLBE) for OFWs in the Middle East. Here’s the link from last year’s exam – http://prc.gov.ph/news/?id=716

      You may get in touch with your Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) there to inquire about the 2015 SPLBE for teachers.

      Hope this helps! Also, you might consider joining our online LET review that may of our OFW-reviewees use – http://www.myreviewcoach.com

  4. tori 2015/05/23 at 8:27 pm #

    Ask ko lang po kung ung mga repeater ba pede pa rin mag topnotcher?

    • MindGym 2015/05/27 at 6:50 pm #

      Hi Tori, sure if you can achieve among the highest grades for that batch then yes that wouldn’t be a problem 🙂

      • Ed 2016/02/24 at 3:09 am #

        Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

        Sa ECE po ako, do you have any idea if a repeater can still top the exam? I’m hoping the rules will be the same as I’m hoping to redeem myself, hehe.

        Sabi kasi ng ECE reviewers namin ndi daw possible.