I’m so Blessed! Sister Susie’s LET Story

At MindGym's Power Coaching, LET Refresher-- Sister Susie Rosie with her online LET reviewmates from My Review Coach

At MindGym’s Power Coaching, LET Refresher– Sister Susie Rosie with her online LET reviewmates from My Review Coach

Sister Susie at our LET Victory Party

Sister Susie at our LET Victory Party

Sister Susie with coaches Albert Basa and Alice at MindGym's LET Victory Party for January 2014 LET Passers and Topnotchers

Sister Susie with coaches Albert and Alice at MindGym’s LET Victory Party for January 2014 LET Passers and Topnotchers

Sister Susie Rosie initially came to MindGym to buy LET review materials. We talked about why she was taking the LET, what her congregation does, and why she plans to avail only of our review materials only and not take our full review. She said she was given a limited budget, just enough to buy review materials.

I recalled having just celebrated my 56th birthday when she visited. I wanted to do good or help someone to start a birthday tradition.. I decided to help Sister Susie. I felt that she was a God-sent opportunity for me in my birth month!

Knowing that her congregation was into the student and health ministries, I asked her if she was willing to use her review funds for MindGym’s online LET review with bonus privileges of attending our Specialization and Power Coaching workshop sessions. She accepted graciously.

Sister Susie showed me and many of her batchmates that nuns are not only prayerful and obedient but also friendly, fun-loving, and good sports 🙂 ~Mo/am Alice

Sister Susie with Mo/am Alice, MindGym's educational director

Sister Susie with Mo/am Alice, MindGym’s educational director

I’m so Blessed!

Written by Sister Susie Rosie

If I am to describe my LET journey in one sentence it is for me a journey of blessing that makes me exclaim, I’M SO BLESSED!

Before I share my LET journey let me give you a background why I took the LET just this year.


I graduated last March 19, 2011 in Holy Cross of Davao College.

Immediately after I complied to all my graduation requirements, I had to come to Manila for my new mission so I was not able to join our graduation ceremony. Since my mission in the Formation Ministry was new to me, I needed to prepare myself and focus on it.

Back then, I really wished to take the Board Exam immediately after graduation, that’s why I asked a LET reviewer as my graduation gift from my community. However I needed to delay it because of the other priorities that my vocation and mission asked of me as a Religious.

PRC LET Application

Last October 29, 2013 I took the courage to go to PRC for my application for the LET because I’m afraid that the more I delay it, the more my learnings become obsolete. For this, I really felt the need to enroll in a review center.

After I applied, outside PRC I bought some photocopied reviewers and noted the name and contact number of the review center that I saw. When I arrived home I also tried to search online how much it cost to enroll in a review center because I didn’t want my community to spend so much.

Initially, I didn’t plan to be enrolled since I found it really expensive. I decided to just join a LET refresher, then will review on my own because its cheaper. However online I saw the MINDGYM PHILIPPINES. I immediately printed some details about MindGym and their offers.

My MindGym and My Review Coach Learning Experience

I was really filled with excitement so I arrived in the MindGym November 13, 2013 before 8:00 am because I thought the diagnostic test will start at 8! When I arrived, it was still closed so I tried to contact to clarify what time they open and it was Coach Alice who were answering my text.

The day of my diagnostic test was a day of blessing when Coach Alice offered me a scholarship and offered me to join the Online LET Review. I was so happy and filled with enthusiasm and hope to prepare for the LET.


Sister Susie’s self introduction in our Facebook group

That night I read the LETer’s Choice Book 1 that Coach Alice gave me and I was really touched by the note she wrote on it “to dear Sr. Susan, powerful dreams inspire powerful action. DREAM BIG! Study smart, pray, believe. Be a professional teacher. Yes, you can!”

After few days I decorated my room with the caption YES, I CAN! and posted my LET goals. I indeed dreamed big to Top the LET!

Sister Susie's Wall of LET Inspiration

Sister Susie’s Wall of LET Inspiration

According to one of the affirmation messages I received, I have all the reason to pass the LET and even to top it. With this disposition I started my review, inspired with the many beautiful testimonies of those who pass and top the LET in the MindGym Family. I like much this phrase from St. Augustine,

Pray as though everything depended on God. Review as though everything depended on you!

All throughout my LET journey I chose to have beautiful thoughts and tried to be faithful to my review commitments. Other than my online review I studied other reviewers wherever I went and whenever I had a chance to read. I’m very grateful to my community, my family, friends and our MindGym Coaches who supported me.

The Big January 2014 LET Day

Since the day of our LET exam was January 26, 2014 it became more significant to me because for us in the Family of St. Anne. Every 26th of the month is dedicated to St. Anne, Mother of Mary Immaculate so I prayed novena and entrusted my LET journey to her.

The day before the LET, I went to Baclaran to ask the intercession of Mary to grant me the grace of good health and to pass the LET not only for me but for all those who will be taking Exam and I promised to be back after I will knew the result .

I was so excited to know the result so I tried to be updated and visited the PRC website from time to time.

And finally..

Then, last March 8, 2014 a date significant for us also in the Family of St. Anne because every 8th of the month is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of Mary that happen in the womb of St. Anne.

After lunch I just tried to revisit the PRC website then lo and behold the result was released already but before I searched my name I paused and prayed to God that whatever it will be I ask for the grace to accept the reality.

My heart seem to burst and seems I couldn’t contain the excitement and fear then I scrolled till I arrived to sequence number 9956 then I saw my name next to it. I burst in joy and thank God for the blessing I received then I texted some of my close friends in MindGym then I called Coach Alice to express my gratitude for helping me a lot to achieve my goal.

My God in all these may You be glorified! Thank you so much! 🙂

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  1. myra g. garduque 2014/04/24 at 9:48 pm #

    Congrats! God is really good at all times.

    • DIANNE LEE ANDAN 2014/07/02 at 12:04 pm #

      Hello Sr. Susan, I am so Happy, Congratulation!..i miss you too, regards to all DSA family

  2. glorife 2014/12/28 at 2:41 pm #