LET: Why take it ASAP?


Future teachers/MindGym reviewees focused on their mock LET.

There is always the right time to do and say the right thing. It’s always about timing.

Last week, I had a good time with an old friend at the Matina Times Square (MTS) in Davao City after our professional convention. It wasn’t the best time to discuss anything since my friend and I were seated beside the loudspeakers while the band played.

But, I thought it was the best time for me to share with him why he had to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) soonest when he said that he has already completed the required 18-units of professional education that was required for the LET.

After the live band show and our initial talk about LET, we headed for Aling Foping’s Halo-Halo (inside MTS) and continued our exchanges about LET.

He said: Taking the LET this 2015 is a pressure since I am busy with work in the university.

I replied: Find time.

And, I gave him these five reasons to prod him to take the next LET:

#1 The “rumor” that the minimum number of units for non-education degree holders required for those taking the LET will be increased from 18 to 30 (or more) units. This means that those who just took 18-units of professional education may be summoned back to the colleges of education to get additional 12 (or more) units for eligibility in the LET.

#2 A pending government policy limiting the number of times that an applicant can take the LET. At present, taking the LET is unlimited. If the Teachers’ Professionalization Law’s proposed amendments materialize, those who have failed the LET three times already must undergo refresher courses. This reform will enhance teacher quality but poses a risk to many, considering that historical LET passing rates have just hovered around the 30% mark.

#3 The K-12 law or RA 10533 allows non-LET passers to handle specialization subjects especially in the Senior High School. This creates a stiffer competition for entry in the elementary and secondary schools.

Read more about K-12 here.

Read more about K-12 here. Image from the Official Gazette of the Philippines.

In the K-12 law, graduates of science, mathematics, statistics, engineering, music and other degree courses with shortages in qualified LET applicants can now teach in their disciplines in the elementary and secondary education without LET (within 5 years). Hence, admission in teaching will be tougher as more applicants vie for limited teaching items especially in the public school. (If you’re already licensed, no worries since you’ll certainly get additional points)

#4 The longer one delays taking LET, the higher the chances that one’s stock knowledge becomes less and less relevant versus LET questions. This is because the Philippine Business for Education or PBED recommended to review and align the coverage of the LET with the K-12 curriculum. CHED and other LET stakeholders seem amenable to this recommendation – an outcomes-based curriculum for teacher training will be the basis of the new LET questions.

#5 The workings of the law of supply and demand create threats to one’s job entry if it doesn’t match the needs of the K-12 under which there’s a higher demand for TLE, MAPEH, and Kindergarten teachers (kindergarten is now mandatory). While the DepEd, CHED, and PRC are persistent in discussing ways of balancing the supply-demand for teachers in the country, competing with more than 180,000 LET takers each year for limited teacher vacancies will continue to be a growing challenge to overcome.

After discussing these reasons with my friend over a glass of halo-halo, I sensed that he saw the urgency of taking the 2015 LET. In fact, he said as we were about to part ways that night, “Albert, I recall I still have your MindGym LETers Choice Warm Ups Books that I brought to Davao to sell years back. Yes, I will find time to settle the books and take time to review for the LET.”

The sound of band music and the glass of halo-halo must have been timely for our chat about LET. The sounds pounded on my friend’s mind that he needs to think fast and decide. The halo-halo ice that quickly turned to water will surely remind him that if he doesn’t act soonest, then he may forego his chances and bear the risks of procrastination.

I’m sure that my friend from Davao, after our refreshing night out, has already made a decision to take the LET ASAP. (and will hopefully contact MindGym and me for his LET preparations soon).

Are you still deferring your LET? Think again. Now is the right time to take the LET.

Finished with your minimum required Licensure Examination for Teachers units? Need help in preparing for the LET? Join coach Albert and the rest of our topnotcher coaches at MindGym Philippines! Read more about our program here.

Coach Albert won't allow LETers to go home unless they "perfectly" recognized all LET-relevant education psychologists tonight (via Facebook)

Coach Albert won’t allow LETers to go home unless they “perfectly” recognized all LET-relevant education psychologists tonight (Via Facebook)

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