Lyndon Lazaro August 2014 Topnotcher Speech

August 2014 LET Topnotcher Lyndon Lazaro Speech

August 2014 LET Topnotcher Lyndon Lazaro Speech

Unrecognized Heroes with Significant Impacts

A Topnotcher’s Message by Lyndon Laborte Lazaro

Top 4, BLEPT August 2014
BSED Mathematics
Philippine Normal University – North Luzon

Greetings to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) chaired by Dr. Rosita L. Navarro. Greetings to our Guest Speaker, Hon. Paz I. Lucido, Vice Chairperson and Hon. Paraluman R. Giron, Member who travelled all the way from Manila just to grace this momentous event.

Greetings to the PRC Region 02 Officials headed by Director Rodrigo F. Balaqui Jr. Greetings to the fulfilled parents, friends and relatives of the Oath-takers. And of course, greetings to the new professional teachers of Region 02!

Five years ago, my 4th year high school adviser asked in our class this question “What course will you take up in College?”

“Will it be Engineering?” asked he. I saw some of my classmates raised their hands as high as they can. “Accountancy?” Still, a number of hands were proudly raised. “Medicine?” A classmate raised her hand and she received applause from our class. And the most awaited question “Education?” And I was like (raised my hand as quick as possible).

A snapshot from Lyndon's LET review memories at MindGym

A snapshot from Lyndon’s MindGym LET review memories with future co-teachers

I am pretty much sure that I share with you the same experience, back when the time we were still in high school, finding for the perfect profession we would fit in.

It is not that we do not take pride in the Teaching profession because needless to say, it is the noblest one, but the society back then instilled in our minds that students should take up courses which will give us greener pastures in the future like Engineering, Accountancy, Medicine, Law, Aviation, Architecture.

While sad to say, teaching was the second if not the last option. Why? Perhaps it is because the image of teachers during that time was those who bring with them their longganisa, tocino, peanut butter, brochures of Avon or simply their mini sari-sari stores just to earn additional income.

With this once upon a time “image” in mind, I request you to look at the person in your right side, tap his/her shoulder while saying “Congratulations for being brave enough to make the right choice.” Also, please return the favour to the person in your left while saying “Thank you! Serve the nation, fellow licensed teacher.

I hope that feels better, doesn’t it? 🙂

Don’t you know that teaching is a jack of different professions? In fact, we are blessed to practice various professions in one vocation.

As engineers, we will help our students build their dreams.
As pilots, we will help them fly with their ambitions.
As accountants, we will record their progress in their studies.
As lawyers, we will defend their right to learn.
As doctors, we will cure their ignorance.

Now, I want to share a noteworthy quotation I happened to read while I was drafting this speech,

To the world, you may just be a teacher, but to your students, are a hero!

And it’s definitely true! If I will ask you one by one if who are the persons who have touched your lives, I am positive that one of them if not most of them is a teacher, right?

Who were with you when you experienced the first school field trip of your life?

Who were with you when you experienced joining and winning contests like quiz bees, sports fest, journalism, etc.?

Who changed your views in the subjects you hate the most like well, Mathematics and Mathematics? 🙂

Who inspired you to choose teaching as your profession?

THEY ARE YOUR TEACHERS, aren’t they? We might forget the subjects they patiently taught us but one can never forget the wisdom and life-lessons they selflessly shared to us.

Sooner or later, we will be parts of the pool of these unrecognized heroes.

Are we all set to practice the theories of Piaget, Skinner, Bandura, Freud, Watson, Gardner and the like? Can we abide the Code of Ethics of Professional Teachers which obliges us to manifest utmost professionalism at all times? Are we motivated to serve the nation without expecting many material comforts in return? These are but just some of the questions we have to answer as soon as we can.

But for now, I do not want to spoil the happiness and fulfillment that surround our atmosphere. This is the celebration of our sweet success and of our determination to pass the then Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) and now Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers (BLEPT).

No one can ever forget the pressure, anxiety and uneasy heart the BLEPT has given us before, during and most especially after the examination. The idea of failing it was already heart-breaking, wasn’t it? So once again, CONGRATULATIONS fellow licensed teachers for nailing the exam. We are lucky enough to be included in the 52,068 passers of 148,589 examinees or approximately 4 out of 10 BLEPT takers! So let us give ourselves the loudest and wildest applause we can make! We all deserve it!

This time, I challenge you to make the most out of our rating. Do not let that rating measure your worth because it is just a number. While you, yes you fellow teachers, are the doers of the actions.

As Coach Alice of MindGym Philippines advised me when I was too disappointed of how close the rate of the Top 1 is to mine, I quote:

Many Top 1 or LET Topnotchers cannot make a difference; many who just got 75% are touching lives.

Lyndon with close friends at MindGym

Lyndon with close friends at MindGym

In connection, may we be God’s instruments in shaping and touching the lives of our students who will be the future of our nation as Dr. Jose P. Rizal once professed and may we extend our help to those who did not make it in August 2014 but will surely pass the exam in God’s perfect time.

Now that we have already had our Oath, may we look deeper in the responsibilities it endows us. It is not just for photo opportunities which will be uploaded in Facebook tonight or a PRC card which will grant us discounts in stores like Pandayan, SM and others. It is a pledge which is a must to live by, an oral agreement to practice the teaching profession with competence, integrity and nobility.

Please remember that a single mistake we commit in a classroom has major effects in the lives of our students. Also, a single affirmation to our students can already motivate them to do better in their studies.

Bottom line, a teacher can bring significant impacts. Our influence is limitless so always strive to be good role models.

Before my speech ends, allow me to thank special people who have inspired me to dream bigger and aim higher.

To my parents Mr. Pedie R. Lazaro and Mrs. Milagros L. Lazaro, to my brother Mr. Lowell Lazaro, his wife Ms. Gina Lazaro and their son Lesther Gian and to my sister Mrs. Liezl Joy Quilang, her husband Engr. Jamison Quilang and their son Jam Xyron, who have always been the top supporters of my roller coaster life; to my special friend Ms. Maddalora who cheered me up during my BLEPT preparation; to Philippine Normal University – North Luzon professors, graduates and students who gave me the best college life ever and who believed that I can make it to the top; to MindGym coaches who made me feel “at home” when I was hundred miles away from my real home; and to our Almighty God who guides and strengthens me especially when I was about to give up my dream of topping the BLEPT – this is for you.

To the newly licensed professional teachers of Region 02, together let us prove the worth of teachers, the heroes of our students, the servers of the nation and the instruments of God to break the bondage of ignorance of His children.

Good day and God bless!

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